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Keep pace with technology fragmentation.

Retail is a tough business. While customers can find almost anything for the right price via internet shopping giants and get their items delivered in short order—they’re fickle. They won’t hesitate to quickly click over to your competitors if your site takes more than three seconds to load or is confusing to use—which makes customer conversion and retention difficult to achieve. Thanks to technology, wholesalers can scale down and sell direct. Real-time supply chains are enabling incredibly optimized operations. And mobile apps are reinvigorating bricks-and-mortar shopping by helping customers find the item they want in a store rather than waiting for delivery.

This all adds up to more intense competition and shrinking margins. Staying competitive and relevant means providing a compelling, integrated, safe user experience in store, online, via mobile, and at the POS. Which often means undergoing an enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Successful companies are winning and keeping customers by creating the perfect storm of attractive prices, convenience, quick service, instant gratification, and a seamless, personalized journey across all touch points. And by building an effective supply chain strategy to handle the rise of new retail technology around integrated POS, payment devices, RFID tags, warehouse systems, and augmented reality.

Easier said than done, right?

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Mobile, digital, and time-to-market challenges

People love shopping on their smartphones. So much so that mobile engagement is poised to drive 50% of digital commerce revenue in the U.S., and is quickly becoming the number one online sales channel for UK retailers. Can you test effectively to address device and browser fragmentation? Keep up with continuous delivery—the relentless pace at which users expect app updates and releases? And test the entire end-to-end retail experience to ensure quality, performance, and happy customers?

Omnichannel testing

Shoppers who buy from a business in store and online have a 30% higher lifetime value than customers who buy via only one channel. The modern consumer wants to research and order what they want, when they want it, from anywhere, via any channel and device. Which means you need a better digital UX, now that it’s the main customer engagement point. Can you support the complex omnichannel experience and integrate it across stores, web, mobile, POS, and back-office systems?

Data security testing

Your shoppers trust that you’ll safeguard their personal and financial data. A breach can mean lost customers and revenue, and serious regulatory fines. How effective is your test automation strategy and execution at ensuring the security of your website and mobile apps?

POS testing

80+ percent of shoppers in various demographics use self-checkout. How well can you test the digital-physical interface to provide that seamless, personalized experience that users demand?

Tackle your retail challenges with Eggplant solutions.

The Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite of solutions enables end-to-end automation of testing and analytics to understand the true user journey. Testing through the eyes of the user provides a simpler, more intuitive way to test. Which means that your product experts, manual testers, business analysts, and domain experts can be effective testers.

Test the full user experience.

Execute functionality, performance, and usability testing that can handle highly graphical applications and local languages.

Keep up with the pace of DevOps.

Use highly productive, robust, low-maintenance scripting that’s four to seven times faster than other automation tools.

Test what your users are actually seeing.

Detect any UI errors with advanced image search, and image and text recognition.

Future-proof your testing. 

Test any technology using technology-independent UI automation testing that’s well-suited to test POS terminals, omnichannel retail apps, and new, emerging technologies.

"Eggplant can verify screens and objects on any device, regardless of the type of operating system, and was the only tool that could do this out of the box.”

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