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The best digital experience wins.

In the highly competitive financial services industry, companies’ online and mobile interactions with customers are make-it or break-it experiences. Users expect a delightful digital experience that builds in flexibility and resilience in the face of mobility and changing device and network connectivity, as well as a reassuring level of security. Usually, the best digital experience wins.

Challenger banks with more nimble and less expensive operating models are disrupting the industry—and in the next 5 years, could steal an estimated 35 percent of market share from traditional banks. To compete effectively, financial services companies are undergoing digital transformations to upgrade to modern testing techniques and incorporate digital initiatives like person-to-person payments, mobile wallets, and omnichannel banking. All of which require significant investments in terms of money and effort.

Developing and testing digital apps in the finance industry is complex, thanks in large part to continuous demand for innovative features in a backdrop of ever-evolving regulations, and the testing required for complicated technologies in highly secure and constrained environments. All of this takes place in a DevOps world where teams need continuous tester support to regularly roll out new app releases. And don’t forget about sophisticated and diverse IT systems—like customer-facing services delivered via browsers and secure mobile apps, and essential back-office systems.

There just isn’t enough time to manually test apps anymore, and it typically takes longer for open-source solutions to be compatible with new technology. Institutions need more automation to keep testing at the pace of DevOps and market demand. Gone are the days of simply ensuring the code works to specification. Now, you have to ensure your apps delight customers.

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Omnichannel banking challenges.

Competing effectively for banking customers means providing a reliable, relevant, and consistent user experience across multiple channels—while still providing your legacy, bread-and-butter services, now and in the future. Can you balance these elements to meet user expectations, support a complex experience, and integrate everything across all channels and back-office systems?

Security, regulations, and compliance.

Testing plays a huge role in ensuring your applications comply with international standards and regulations, and in protecting against hackers who target digital banking portals. People who bank via mobile still aren’t convinced that something like direct deposit is secure, and often log in on desktops to perform transactions. Does your test strategy follow best practices to keep everything secure for your financial institution and your customers?

Performance pressures.

If your banking portal or your mobile app doesn’t perform as expected, frustrated customers won’t hesitate to shift their money and loyalty to your competitors. How well can you monitor transaction spikes and execute stress and load tests to ensure you can handle multiple transactions all the time?

Address your digital banking testing challenges with Eggplant solutions.

The Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite of solutions enables end-to-end test automation to help you innovate to delight customers, comply with regulations, and provide reliable, stable performance of your systems and apps.

Future-proof your testing.

Test any technology using technology-independent UI automation testing that’s ideal to test everything omnichannel and new, emerging technologies. Move to a single, unified solution for your legacy tests.

Incorporate scriptless testing.

Play to the strengths of your teams with scriptless test creation and record and playback features that offer a different automation approach, while preserving your manual workflow.

Test what your users are actually seeing.

Detect any UI errors and ensure performance with advanced image search, and image and text recognition. Verify customer journeys from a true user perspective to quickly build trust and loyalty.

Keep up with the pace of DevOps.

Use highly productive, robust, low-maintenance scripting that’s four to seven times faster than other automation tools. And test everything in-house, behind your secure firewalls.

“The intuitive nature of Eggplant and its ease of use, as well as the speed with which we would be able to demonstrate results, were significant factors in its favour.”

Graham Moran
Independent QA consultant

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