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Ecosystem resources


Download Eggplant Functional, our functional testing tool for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.

Training videos

For new and experienced Eggplant users, train in automated software testing techniques using Eggplant.

Getting started

The overview and setup information you need to start working with Eggplant Functional.


A reference for using the Eggplant Functional scripting language.


A list of Eggplant Functional frequently asked questions.

Release notes

Information about new features and fixes implemented in Eggplant Functional releases.

Using Eggplant Functional

This main reference section for Eggplant Functional, showing you how to connect to SUTs, capture images and text, write scripts, and run tests.


The process for using Eggplant Functional.

User forums

Visit the Testplant user forums to post questions, look for answers, and see example code.

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