Eggplant Manual
Execute your manual tests more efficiently.

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Eggplant Manual gives manual testers complete device control and full access to test systems directly from a PC or via seamless integration with Eggplant Automation Cloud.

Easy to use.

Get full access to the test devices you need when you need them.

  • Meet all your manual testing requirements by using one solution for any test system—mobile to mainframe, iOS to Windows.
  • Take advantage of seamless integration between Eggplant Manual and Eggplant Automation Cloud to quickly and easily reserve a device.
  • Interact with the GUI or hardware controls on any device, such as the home and volume buttons.
  • Capture and save part of the UI as an image, or you can take a screen shot of the entire GUI.

Eggplant Manual

Meet manual test requirements.

Use one solution for any test system.

Easily reserve any device for testing.

Experiment with test automation.

Connect devices and systems configured for testing.

Any platform. Any browser. Any software.

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