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eggplant Functional is a unique, automated UI testing tool that enables powerful, comprehensive, realistic tests of mobile, desktop, web apps, and more. Instead of testing and hooking into the code, the software takes an image-based approach to interact with the system under test through the UI
—just like a user would.


You don’t have to be a developer to be a productive tester, thanks to an intuitive, image-based UI approach and simple scripting tools.

  • Test any device, operating system, and technology from mobile to mainframe.
  • Use a single test script to test scenarios involving multiple devices.
  • Create automated tests quickly via record and playback functions, a flexible keyword-driven framework, an intuitive language like SenseTalk, or Java, C#, Ruby (and more) via the eggDrive interface.
  • Install eggplant on Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux.


Test any device, platform, or software via a UI testing approach that’s entirely technology-independent.

  • Run one script across all platforms—from mobile to mainframe.
  • Integrate with any test environment and popular tools including Jenkins, IBM RQM, and HP Quality Center. See the full list.
  • Test the same application that users are using, without modifying the application under test or jail-breaking the underlying OS.
  • Spin up scripts that reflect the app’s UI and business logic, not the code, for a true, cross-platform solution that spans Safari to Chrome, and iPhone to Android.


Start realizing results. With eggplant, customers regularly report.

  • 50% improvements in productivity
  • 50% reductions in post-release defects
  • 80% time-to-market improvements for small update releases
  • 20% time-to-market improvements for large projects

“Eggplant proved to be smart and flexible enough to cope with any versions of any operating system we needed to test with.”

Mark Frazer
Senior quality analyst, research and development

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Tesco Introduces Eggplant Test Automation Into Agile Projects.

Everything moves fast during Tesco’s two-week sprints to push out new features for its Health & Wellbeing app service. So, teams rely on eggplant tools to automate regression testing, quickly and easily create test scripts (even for non-developer testers), test across desktop and mobile platforms, and test new scripts alongside the code being developed.

eggplant Functional

Test the true user experience.

Create reliable, functional tests quickly.

Use a single test script for multiple-device scenarios.

Test any technology on any platform.

Integrate with popular ALM tools.

Any platform. Any browser. Any software.

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