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Media and entertainment is an industry continually being transformed by new technology. Over the last decade it has re-invented itself to take advantage of the new content production and distribution models of the Internet; and is already re-inventing itself again to take advantage of mobile technology. All this is driven by an insatiable customer demand for exciting, new, and fresh content. This relentless adoption of new technologies, the richness of media and entertainment content compared to typical enterprise software, and the high performance and scalability requirements of media and entertainment software, create formidable testing challenges.

Cross Browser Testing


What are the key testing challenges?

  • The variety of bespoke technologies (especially graphics related) used within systems; typically mixed with mainstream technologies.
  • Graphics focused test-cases while most test automation tools are focused on data and state verification. 
  • Strict performance and other non-functional requirements; and ensuring the system is responsive and robust under heavy loads.
  • Sites with constantly changing content.
  • Testing the presentation across all types of devices and platforms; from mobile to desktop, Android to Windows 8, Chrome to Internet Explorer.
  • Highly agile environments with frequent change and short delivery cycles.

How can eggPlant testing tools help?

  • eggPlant tools can work with any technology. eggPlant Functional provides technology agnostic GUI test automation through its patented image-based approach; from mobile to mainframe, Android to Mac OSX, from Safari to Firefox, from HTML5 testing to Flash testing. eggPlant Performance supports network technologies from protocol to GUI; HTTP, .NET APIs, Java APIs, Selenium, and Citrix.
  • eggPlant Functional is an image-based testing tool. This approach works naturally with graphics-rich media and entertainment applications. This natural approach also means that existing manual testing teams can easily use eggPlant.
  • eggPlant Performance can replicate an unlimited number of simulated users performing different scenarios and using different types of devices. eggPlant Performance lets you combine protocol-based scripts generating high traffic volumes with GUI-based scripts driving real web browsers and mobile devices for user-experience validation. Load can be injected from the LAN or multiple remote or cloud-base locations.
  • eggPlant test scripts are quick and easy to change in-ltools support Agile methodologies and can be integrated with CI systems such as Jenkins.

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