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More than any other industry, IT development within the Finance sector has to balance the tension between requirements for aggressive innovation, conformance with ever changing regulations, and providing very high levels of reliability and stability. This is because the Finance industry is built around highly sophisticated IT systems. These include customer facing services delivered via the Internet using browsers and secure mobile apps, internal trading platforms, exchanges, and essential back office systems. Finance software testing is therefore as essential as it is challenging.


What are the key testing challenges?

  • Very high transaction rates and volumes with low latency. Testing tools must be able to generate sophisticated transaction loads and have fine-grained performance measurement.
  • Large input data sets often with complex relationships that must be managed.
  • Increasingly complex web technologies such as asynchronous JavaScript and encryption.
  • Highly secure and constrained environments in which testing must be performed.
  • The world’s most demanding users.
  • Digital banking. The variety of technologies used within systems. Multiple middleware and back-end components working in combination including legacy technology wrappers. A wide range of client-side technologies such as responsive web, mobile, “green screen”, and custom devices. A mixture of standard (e.g. FIX) and bespoke technology.
  • Mobile testing. With Apple’s latest security measures, iOS has become more and more difficult for test automation across the board.


How can eggPlant testing tools help?

  • eggPlant Performance is highly scalable and can generate the transaction volumes you need at the speed you need them.
  • Mature data-driven testing capabilities for managing large input data sets.
  • eggPlant tools are non-intrusive and don’t modify the application-under-test in any way; so you are really testing the system that will be deployed. eggPlant tools are also designed to work in a variety of constrained network environments.
  • eggPlant tools can work with any technology. eggPlant Functional provides technology agnostic GUI test automation through its patented image-based approach. eggPlant Performance supports network technologies from Citrix and web to TCP/UDP socket level and covering Java and .NET APIs.
  • eggPlant allows sophisticated user-experience testing by combining eggPlant Load (controlled server load injection) with eggPlant Functional (client behavior validation).
  • Testing from inside and outside the firewall.
  • eggPlant tools are perfect for agile testing deployments. Anyone can engage with the tools and access easy-to-read reports, from developers, to testers, to management.

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