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Enterprise software has never before been so exciting, or such a challenge for testers. The continual rise of new technologies being applied to the enterprise – cloud, touch, mobile, big data, and social, and the relentless rate at which these technologies must be deployed to remain competitive, makes enterprise software testing a demanding skill.

Enterprise IT has also lost the consistency it had several years ago as enterprise users demand to be treated like consumers and want to be able to choose the devices they use (BYOD), how they access IT services (mobile, browser, desktop), and where they access IT services from (home, office, airport). Meanwhile IT budgets are being tightly controlled; so more efficient methods of software testing must continually be found to keep up with the increasing demand at the same cost.


What are the key testing challenges?

  • The vast variety of technologies used within systems. Multiple server, desktop, and mobile platforms from legacy ‘green screens’ to iOS. Multiple technologies. A mixture of standards based and bespoke technology.
  • Applications must be usable and compelling to a variety of users with significant differences in their levels of domain-specific and technology expertise.
  • Highly concurrent applications with significant data dependencies between users.
  • Testing tools must be usable with any software methodology or process such as Agile or CMMI.
  • The requirement for service degradation and graceful failure rather than shutdown.

How can eggPlant testing tools help?

  • eggPlant testing tools can work with any technology. eggPlant Functional provides technology agnostic GUI test automation through its patented image-based approach. This means that one script will run across all your existing platforms from mobile to mainframe. It also means that if you change your platform strategy, you won’t have to re-create all your test scripts. eggPlant Performance supports network technologies from Citrix and web to TCP/UDP socket level and covering Java and .NET APIs; it also has a rich plug-in architecture that means it can easily be extended to any custom protocol.
  • eggPlant Functional’s image-based approach makes it intuitive for non-technical people to create tests. This means that business analysts and others who understand the users, rather than the technology, can create more effective tests for GIS, C4ISR, and other defence software.
  • eggPlant allows sophisticated user-experience testing by combining eggPlant Performance (controlled server load injection) with eggPlant Functional (client behaviour validation).
  • eggPlant testing tools are designed to work within an enterprise network environment; e.g. they can work flexibly with firewalls and cross-site networks.
  • eggPlant testing tools can be used with any methodology and can be integrated into ALM and CI tools from IBM Rational Quality Manager to Jenkins.


Try eggPlant for free now

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