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Defense demands a level of product quality, reliability, and robustness that’s unimaginable in other industries. This is why testing costs in defense and aerospace can easily be 75% of the total product development cost, compared to 20-30% for consumer and enterprise software. The high-performance and reliability demands of the defense industry also mean that specialized bespoke technologies are common.

But while the defense and aerospace industries have higher quality demands and a challenging technology environment, they are under the same pressure to cut testing costs as other industries. So effective efficient defence software testing and test automation is essential.


What are the key testing challenges?

  • Complex distributed systems with multiple displays.
  • Highly complex legacy systems that still must be used in conjunction with the newer systems.
  • The variety of technologies used within systems, particularly the amount of custom software that typical test tools cannot test. Multiple middleware and back-end components working in combination including legacy technology wrappers. A wide range of client-side technologies such as web, mobile, “green screen”, and custom devices. A mixture of standards based and bespoke technology.
  • Large multi-year projects with contractual delivery dates. Developers must ensure they are managing quality throughout the whole lifecycle and not building up an unquantified “quality debt”.

eggPlant Functional secure software test automation over KVM


How can eggPlant testing tools help?

  • eggPlant Functional is non-invasive which is mandatory for defence software. No modification of the system-under-test is required for full test control.
  • eggPlant Functional is an image-based testing tool. This approach works naturally with GIS and other image rich defence applications. This natural approach also means that existing manual testing teams can easily use eggPlant; no need to train-up new “automation testers” in your product.
  • eggPlant testing tools can work with any technology. eggPlant Functional provides technology agnostic GUI test automation through its patented image-based approach. This means that one script will run across all your existing platforms from mobile to mainframe. It also means that if you change your platform strategy, you won’t have to re-create all your test scripts. eggPlant Performance supports network technologies from Citrix and web to TCP/UDP socket level and covering Java and .NET APIs.
  • eggPlant allows sophisticated user-experience testing by combining eggPlant Performance (controlled server load injection) with eggPlant Functional (client behaviour validation).
  • eggPlant testing tools have open APIs that allow them to be easily integrated with other quality tools, from IBM Rational Quality Manager to Jenkins.

Try eggPlant for free now

Testing compliance

  • eggPlant Functional can help in testing that a piece of software is Section 508 compliant (US Government).


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