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The rapid development of in-car digital technology is creating formidable testing and QA challenges. In Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) is one high growth area, but other systems for safety and traffic management are also emerging, often with government regulation. For example, eCall is a European Union backed initiative to automatically call assistance to motorists involved in an accident.

In car digital systems are also increasingly linked to remote services so that the car becomes a platform for mobile client applications; applications with unique UI, networking, and resilience requirements. Automotive software testing, and IVI testing, are becoming some of the most important aspects of automobile product development.


What are the key testing challenges?

  • IVIs may be based on proprietary platforms, standard platforms such as Android, or a combination of both.
  • IVI applications are typically more image-based than traditional desktop software, e.g. status indicators are usual graphics rather than text. Many traditional test automation tools have difficulty with images.
  • IVI applications are subject to “driver distraction” guidelines and other standards such as ISO26262.
  • Car manufacturers use automotive-specific test and simulation tools such as Vector CANoe; test automation tools must be able to integrate with these existing automotive tools.
  • In car systems experience different, and challenging, network connectivity characteristics. Applications must be tested in a realistic environment to ensure they will behave correctly and deliver a great user experience.

How can eggPlant testing tools help?

  • eggPlant Functional is non-invasive. No modification of the IVI or the application being tested is required for full test control.
  • eggPlant Functional is an image-based testing tool. This approach works naturally with IVI-style (image rich) applications and driver distraction use-cases. This natural approach also means that existing manual testing teams can easily use eggPlant.
  • eggPlant Functional is technology agnostic and so will work on any platform. This means that one script will run across all your existing platforms. It also means that if you change your platform strategy, you won’t have to re-create all your test scripts.
  • eggPlant Performance can test any network architecture from dynamic web to Java and .NET application APIs.
  • eggPlant allows sophisticated user-experience testing by combining eggPlant Load (controlled server load injection) with eggPlant Functional (client behaviour validation).
  • eggPlant tools can be easily integrated with the other tools you use in your test environment, from Vector CANoe to IBM Rational.

Try eggPlant for free now

IVIs eggPlant can be used to test

  • Alpine Electronics Inc. IVI
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Clarion IVI
  • Delphi automotive
  • Dense corp. IVI
  • Fujitsu Ten Ltd.
  • Harman IVI
  • Hitachi IVI
  • Intel IVI
  • LG IVI
  • Panasonic IVI
  • Parrot IVIs
  • Samsung IVI
  • Wayland IVI