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Comments and case-studies from a variety of eggPlant users. From defense to on-line media, from eggPlant Mobile to eggPlant Performance, see why our customers love using eggPlant tools.

Medical software firm, Healthcare
Performance testing delivers benefits beyond expectations for clinical trial software
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Fast food giant, Retail
Fast food giant introduces automation; cuts testing time by 80%
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Telcom giant, Telecommunications
Telecom giant ensures 100% testing coverage with eggPlant
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Retail giant, Retail
Company gets creative with test automation for POS - innovative approach generates a 92% reduction in test cycle effort.
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Fintech giant, Financial services
Company achieves 10x productivity boost with eggPlant Functional - automates testing of iOS and Android developments to free up tester time for higher value activities.
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Banking giant, Financial services
“Our client needs automated tests that can be created quickly, are robust, and really test the user experience. eggPlant is ideal for this since it can automate anything, provides a user perspective, works well in agile environments, and is fast enough to allow new automated tests to come along with the new code.” - Antony Edwards, CTO, TestPlant
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US hospital, Healthcare
“Our primary goals for making the shift to eggPlant were to reduce test time and to free up valuable resources, and we have definitely achieved that.”
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US restaurant giant, Retail
“The unique image-recognition engine that allows eggPlant to test any user interface was a key factor, as it meant that we could test everything from our POS terminals to our mobile app using the same tool. This set it apart from the other tools in our review.” - IT Manager
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“Other tools focus on testing at the code level, but eggPlant allows us to test our systems like a user, and it also provides great cross-platform testing capabilities, which meets our need for testing across many different systems and browsers.” - Allan Crisp, General Manager, Systems Support
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Shaw, Retail
“The moment I was able to use eggPlant to run a test a web app simultaneously with an IBM mainframe I knew that nothing else we had seen could do this."- James Briley, Shaw’s Unit Shop Floor Systems Manager
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William Hill, Media and entertainment
“Ultimately, the testing load we generated using eggPlant Performance was more than the peak transactions compared to some of the world’s busiest stock exchanges." - William Hill’s SDET Manager
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BT, Telecoms
“eggPlant provides the best overall mix of capabilities from an end-to-end test perspective. The ability to automate cross-browser testing as well as testing on multiple devices was a key factor." - Andrew Hodgson, Head of BT Consumer E2E Test
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Nationwide, Digital banking
“As we seek to continue to improve the efficiency and quality of our testing, we believe that eggPlant’s automation capabilities will be a key factor in helping us achieve this goal.” - Martin Di Ruzza, Test Architect
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Freshfields, Law
“We have been using eggPlant Functional for about a year and a half and have managed to automate over 80% of our testing using the product,” said Wistow. “As a result, we have managed cut our 5-7 week testing timeframe to just one week for each release, six or seven times a year." - Tim Wistow, Test Manager
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University of Michigan Health System, Healthcare
“eggPlant helped ease the workload associated with developing automated scripts for test preparation activities including automating the process of creating thousands of test patients with different sets of test patient data.” - Dorothy Kenwell, Senior QA Engineer.
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Banco Sabadell, Banking and Financial Services: “eggPlant stood out because it is technology agnostic and uses image and text information, whereas the other solutions we evaluated were both object and technology dependent,” - Graham Moran, Independent QA Consultant for Banco Sabadell Click for full case-study
Meredith Corporation, Publishing: “Based on its ease of use and multiplatform capabilities, we determined that eggPlant Functional was the best tool to meet our requirements for automated testing around updates to Woodwing,” - Stacie Franklin, Lead Project Manager. Click for full case-study
Tesco, On-line Retail: “I’ve been so delighted with eggPlant Manager – it’s so easy to create the schedules and run them against whatever SUTs we want, no matter whether the device is sitting in a drawer, locked away in the vault or connected to the PC,” - Denis Finnegan, IT Manager Click for full case-study
GittiGidiyor, eBay subsidiary, On-line Retail: “Previously, testing would take about two days for each platform, but can now be completed in just two or three hours for each platform using eggPlant.” - Mrs. Ayfer Esen, Quality Assurance Supervisor Click for full case-study
QNX CAR™ Platform for Infotainment, Automotive: QNX Software Systems Limited, a global leader in software platforms for connected embedded systems, has chosen eggPlant Functional to automate their testing. QNX Engineering Services will now deploy eggPlant in the QA team based in Ottawa,Canada.
Cisco, Enterprise Networking: “We were drawn to the capabilities of eggPlant Performance to meet the unique testing requirements of Cisco Active Advisor... and urgently needed to know how it would perform at scale in a very short time.” - Michael Whitley, Senior Engineering Manager, Cisco Active Advisor Click for full case-study
DMG Media, On-line Media: “The fact that we saw we could avoid jailbreaking or rooting of devices gave us further confidence that the testing with eggPlant would be accurate... We could see that the SenseTalk scripting language would be very easy for our teams to pick up...” - Faizal Sayani, Test Manager Click for full case-study
Lawson (now Infor), Enterprise ERP: “The products we used to use simply didn’t support the new future operating systems Lawson was developing for... that’s why we work with TestPlant. It’s easy to use and flexible enough to change with development, which is perfect before code cut-off, yet stable enough for automated testing. ” - Mark Frazer Click for full case-study
Financial Times, On-line Media: “The device agnostic nature of eggPlant allows our team to use one automation script to test the functionality of multiple devices at once... This allowed us to get our manual test cases automated much sooner than expected.” - Jay Sethi, Head of QA Click for full case-study
Department for International Development, Public Sector: “We needed a GUI testing tool that would automate our testing across multiple operating systems, remain behind our firewalls, scale easily, and fulfill our need for accurate and efficient regression testing." - Charles Agnew Click for full case-study
Nikon, Embedded Systems: Peter was working on eight computers with five different system configurations. He recognized that automation could be the answer; it was just a matter of finding a tool that could meet his cross-platform requirements. eggPlant was easy to learn and demonstrate to management. Click for full case-study
NATS, Aerospace: “We chose to work with TestPlant’s eggPlant because we needed a software testing solution that was cost-effective, easy to implement, would transform how we would approach testing, and was non-invasive.” - Stuart J. Watson, Senior Systems Engineer Click for full case-study
Netcad, Enterprise ERP: “Due to the complexity of some solutions, the switch to automated testing can often be a challenge for manual testing departments. With eggPlant, the solution is easy to use we found our test teams could adapt with ease, making the switch to automated testing quick and painless.” - Serkan Gazel Click for full case-study
Westinghouse, Embedded Systems: “No other solutions work as far as we know. We have been searching for a solution for years. The design of eggPlant based on VNC is really clever. That solves our problem of testing legacy GUI systems. eggPlant is quality software.” - Andrew Chen Click for full case-study
Mobile payments company (UK), Finance: This market-leading client enables millions of consumers to use mobile money across hundreds of financial institutions and service providers. This scale demands robust and dynamic mobile technologies that can operate across any device, system and network. Click for full case-study
Major Fashion Retailer (USA), On-line and Off-line Retail: “We have four people, we have limited resources, and the project is huge. I’m trying to figure out ways to make the most out of everything, out of the resources we have.” - Test Automation Specialist Click for full case-study
Defense Prime (USA), Defense and Security UAV: A (UAV) control system manufacturer used eggPlant Functional to meet a mandate for testing the UI of their FCS before its release to a national army. This adoption resulted in improved system quality, reduced delivery times and lowered costs. Click for full case-study
Defense Prime (USA), Defense and Security: “Systems integration is the bread and butter of what we do, so automating that is our end goal. eggPlant is absolutely fundamental and at the core of being able to do that testing because of its ability to verify software and systems functionality at a ‘black box’ level.” Click for full case-study