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eggPlant Network v3 key new features
July 20, 2017

Use drag-and-drop actions to quickly create and customize a chronological network experience into a timeline that combines two or more emulations and scenarios. Watch this webinar to find out more about the release.

Put the User at the Center of Your Performance Testing (repeat)
June 29, 2017

Repeated Techwell webinar 2 of 3: Watch this webcast to discover why and how the user needs to be at the center of your performance testing approaches.

eggPlant Performance v7.2 key new features
June 27, 2017

Whether you’re a new or experienced user, you’ll appreciate the fresh, new features around user productivity and test creation in our latest eggPlant Performance release.

Put the User at the Center of Your Performance Testing
June 22, 2017

Techwell webinar 2 of 3: Watch this webcast to discover why and how the user needs to be at the center of your performance testing approaches.

The Testing Foundation Broken – 4 Ways to Fix Your Broken Test Strategy (repeat)
May 23, 2017

Repeated Techwell webinar 1 of 3: Learn how to design a new approach to testing that puts users, automation, and a strong relationship between testers and business owners at the center of your testing practices.

The Testing Foundation Is Broken – 4 Principles for Renewing Your Test Strategy
May 9, 2017

Techwell webinar 1 of 3: Learn how to design a new approach to testing that puts users, automation, and a strong relationship between testers and business owners at the center of your testing practices.

eggPlant Functional v17.1 key new features
May 4, 2017

This release includes features that speed up scripting and image capture, improving overall test productivity.

Mobile and IoT Testing Webinar
Series 2 of 2
April 20, 2017

Testing End-to-End – Delivering a Consistent User Experience: This webcast explores end-to-end testing from a truly user-based perspective. We will share solutions to help you and your teams with test cases that support the entire user journey.

eggPlant Manager and eggCloud v6 – Key New Features
April 13, 2017

This release includes features to help you create customized, valuable and powerful reporting, including: A new report builder, custom dashboard, eggCloud REST API, connection list import, and TCP connection type.

Mobile and IoT Testing Webinar
Series 1 of 2
March 23, 2017

Testing the User Experience - Why Performance Equals Engagement: This webcast explores performance testing from a truly user-based perspective. We will share best practices and solutions to help you and your teams ensure that your next application release is your most responsive and engaging yet.

eggPlant Performance v7.1 new features webinar
February 23, 2017

The release of eggPlant Performance v7.1 introduces significant new technical coverage, and a host of enhancements to reporting and usability including, WebSocket support, IDE upgrades, Better HTML reports, and chart enhancements. The webinar demonstrates these new features.

eggPlant Functional v17 new features webinar
February 9, 2017

The release of eggPlant Functional v17 is packed with exciting new productivity enhancing features including new suite organization, suite-wide search and replace, video recording, 64-bit architecture, and an update to eggMan. Watch this webinar to see all the new features in action.

Testing POS terminals with eggPlant
January 26, 2017

In this webinar, we consider the different types of payment methods used today, and how to test them. Then we look at the variety of challenges that retailers face, from testing all the peripherals, to considering security and performance, and testing end-to-end. We present the eggPlant range of test automation tools as the easy-to-use, technology agnostic solution, simplifying the testing of complex point-of-sale environments.

Testing healthcare systems with the eggPlant range webinar
November 17, 2016

In this webinar we discuss how to test different healthcare systems and use-cases, and the challenges relevant to them (from auditing demands imposed by HIPAA, the rich graphical nature of the apps, to security, data and more). We will then show you how the eggPlant range addresses these challenges and can test healthcare systems efficiently and effectively.

eggPlant Manager and eggCloud v5.2 webinar
November 3, 2016

The release of eggPlant Manager and eggCloud v5.2 offers new test capabilities and enhancements to existing functionality. New features include app management, test-case timing reports, new REST API, a comment system, enhanced repository set-up, and support for Gherkin feature files.

eggPlant Performance v7 webinar
October 12, 2016

eggPlant Performance v7 features an upgraded Test Controller that provides a richer run-time experience, as well as additional technical coverage. In this 30 minute webinar we discuss and demo the key new features and updates included in this release.

Responsive web testing with eggPlant webinar
September 22, 2016

TestPlant scored the highest in two out of three use cases in Gartner’s “Critical Capabilities for Software Test Automation” report, in both the Mobile Applications and Responsive Design use case categories. This webinar demonstrates responsive web design with eggPlant.

Undo and TestPlant partnership webinar
September 1, 2016

The partnership sees TestPlant’s flagship test automation tool, eggPlant Functional, integrated with Undo’s record, rewind and replay technology, allowing developers to identify, diagnose and respond to the failures that continuous integration misses. The webinar demonstrates this integration, and addresses better continuous integration testing.

QASymphony and TestPlant partnership webinar
July 21, 2016

Learn about the new partnership between QASymphony and TestPlant. This partnership will help testing teams of all types get the visibility and traceability needed to understand their coverage and risk. Hosted by TestPlant CTO, Antony Edwards and Kevin Dunne, VP of Strategy and Business Development, QASymphony.

eggPlant Functional v16.10 new features webinar
July 14, 2016

eggPlant Functional v16.10 makes setup and scripting even easier for enterprise test deployments. New features include support for Gherkin, built-in source code management, guided app installation, a connection doctor, and a new licensing system. This webinar will discuss and demonstrate these key new features.

eggPlant Manager and eggCloud v5.1 new features webinar
May 19, 2016

eggPlant Manager v5.1 makes it simple to manage a large, cross-platform test environment accessed by a large distributed team of automation and manual testers. Join us for this webinar showcasing a live demonstration of the great new features in eggPlant Manager v5.1.

Getting started with performance testing webinar
May 12, 2016

Every digital business can benefit from performance and load testing. Performance testing further improves the user experience (UX) of websites, mobile apps, and desktop applications. Studies show that user attention spans are shortening, and a 100ms increase in a response time can drastically reduce revenue; Amazon reported a 1% loss of revenue from such a performance issue. This webinar discusses what load and performance testing are, what should you think about before you get started, and the first steps to getting started.

Responsive website testing webinar
April 28, 2016

How can we better test responsive websites? People are viewing websites across an ever increasing mix of device, browser and platform combinations. In addition, websites are now richer and more complex, with videos, dynamic content, images, interactive features, and even custom fonts, making websites harder to test. Please join us for a webinar as we talk about how to effectively test responsive website design with eggPlant.

Performance testing with GameBench and eggPlant webinar
March 24, 2016

Used together, eggPlant Functional and GameBench validate the full user experience from the functional usage of the app and the UI, to the nitty-gritty details. This webinar explores the full approach and benefits of this integration.

eggPlant Performance v6.3 new features webinar
March 17, 2016

eggPlant Performance v6.3 is all about making test script creation faster, easier, and more robust. Key new features include generation rules assistant, OCR and image support for Citrix, higher level of integration with eggPlant Functional, and ASP.NET virtual user type. This 30 minute webinar shows all the new features in action!

eggPlant Functional v16 webinar
February 25, 2016

eggPlant Functional v16 is all about helping you achieve higher levels of test automation; by quickly getting more out of the extensive rich features already in eggPlant Functional, including in-product tutorials and achievements, image maintenance, image management, and automatic guidance on OCR searches.

End-to-end testing with NI LabVIEW and eggPlant Functional webinar
February 18, 2016

Join us as we discuss using LabView from National Instruments together with eggPlant Functional from TestPlant to do real end-to-end testing of modern systems that combine low-level embedded software and high-level application software interacting.

Cross-platform mobile testing with eggPlant webinar
December 10, 2015

Are you testing what counts with your mobile apps? Research from Gartner and Forrester shows that mobile app users are applying different quality standards. Performance, user experience, and portability are just as important as functionality when it comes to engaging and retaining users (and sometimes more important). eggPlant is a range of test tools designed for mobile software and digital businesses. It covers mobile and desktop (all real devices), performance and functional, agile and traditional.

Survey of ‘digital testing’ by PAC and TestPlant – Webinar
December 1, 2015

TestPlant CTO, Antony Edwards, and Principal at Gerrard Consulting, Paul Gerrard discuss the strategies and challenges in digital testing.

eggPlant Manager v5 new features webinar
November 24, 2015

eggPlant Manager v5 is all about making mobile and cross-platform testing simpler and easier. Watch to learn about all of the great new features in eggPlant Manager v5!

eggPlant Performance v6.2 new features webinar
November 3, 2015

eggPlant Performance v6.2 is all about web services introducing automatic script generation for SOAP and REST APIs, and also includes new script recording and generation support for encrypted mobile apps, comprehensive handling of time stamps for smooth script replay, and support for Visual Studio 2015.

Testing the Internet of Things: Set-top boxes with eggPlant webinar
October 29, 2015

eggPlant test automation tools can be used to test a wide variety of devices and applications, as well as the interactions between these different components. Learn how eggPlant can test the real Internet of Things using a set-top box/triple-play as an example.

Service monitoring with eggPlant webinar

September 24, 2015

Learn how eggPlant testing tools can be used for web monitoring on the application level.

eggPlant Functional v15.2 new features webinar

September 3, 2015

Learn about all of the new features in v15.2 of eggPlant Functional- including scripting and test creation enhancements, and data-driven testing with tables - and see them in action.

eggPlant Performance 6.1 new features webinar

August 18, 2015

eggPlant Performance 6.1 is all about data analysis, turning your performance test data into actionable insights, to improve the performance and robustness of your application. Learn about all of the key new features that make this possible.

Omni-channel retail webinar

August 4, 2015

Omni-channel (or multi-channel) and mobile are the two key IT challenges facing digital retailers today. Watch this 30 minute webinar to learn how eggPlant testing tools can address these challenges!

Omni-channel service assurance in retail and hospitality webinar with Cognizant

July 16, 2015

Learn how eggPlant tools can test across Point of Sale (PoS), web, and mobile devices. TestPlant and Cognizant share expertise on how we are helping enterprises in Retail, Travel, and Hospitality industries delight customers.

Digital banking webinar

July 2, 2015

Learn how eggPlant tools can address the unique challenges of testing the user’s experience in the digital banking world.

Performance testing online retail webinar

June 4, 2015

Learn about how application-level performance/load testing is an effective and simple answer to the challenges of testing complex retail websites. We'll talk about how we used eggPlant Performance with application-level virtual users spread around the world.

Mobile testing: Performance testing webinar

May 27, 2015

The performance of your app isn’t just about the back-end performance, but how the UI behaves when the user is interacting with it. Learn how timings can be used to determine the quality of the user experience with eggPlant Functional.

Mobile testing: Network behavior

April 30, 2015

Tired of driving your test devices around, or taking them in the elevator with you? We’ll talk about how eggPlant Network can emulate mobile networks to improve your mobile tests.

Mobile testing: End-to-end testing webinar

April 16, 2015

Is it possible to automate end-to-end tests? Yes! Join us to see how eggPlant Functional can run a single test across multiple systems and verify back-end data.

Mobile testing: Fragmentation webinar

April 10, 2015

What is device fragmentation, and why does it matter? Learn how to ensure device coverage with a single test using eggPlant Functional.

eggPlant Functional v15.1 webinar

March 18, 2015

eggPlant Functional v15.1 is all about mobile, delivering a set of new features to make test creation simpler and faster [especially in enterprise environments] and enhancements requested by users.

eggPlant Network Webinar

March 11, 2015

TestPlant are excited to release eggPlant Network v1.0! eggPlant Network is a powerful network emulator which makes it easy to test your mobile, browser, or client-server application under any network conditions from 3G, to GPRS, to LAN/WAN, to satellite.

eggPlant Manager v4 New Features Webinar
January 21, 2015

eggPlant Manager v4.0 makes it simpler and even quicker to set up automated test runs. Listening to your comments [and taking careful note of User Survey feedback] we've built new features and improved several functions in this important new release.

Load and stress testing Citrix with eggPlant Performance

April 8, 2015

Citrix applications are widely used in major enterprises today and provide many benefits to organizations globally. At the same time, roll-outs often have performance issues which lead to customers becoming frustrated. Very few performance tools also have full support for successfully testing Citrix applications. eggPlant Performance offers comprehensive technology support, where Citrix virtual users drive the GUI of Citrix-hosted application instances, allowing you to see your application just as the user would.