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eggPlant Network is a powerful network emulator which makes it easy to test your mobile, browser, or client-server application under different network conditions.

Ensure your application delivers excellent user experience, functions correctly, and takes full advantage of available resources when users are connected via 3G, over a trans-Atlantic WAN, on a fast local LAN, via congested 2.5G, or driving through tunnels and losing connectivity for 15 seconds at a time. No networking knowledge is required; just tell eggPlant Network where the client is (e.g. New York), where the server is (e.g. San Francisco), the type of network (e.g. 3G), and how good the connection is (e.g. ‘bad’), and it will set up an accurate emulation.

If you are developing a mobile app, web app, website, enterprise client-server application, or are migrating your existing servers off-site or to the cloud, the eggPlant Network emulator is an essential part of your test environment.

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Quick Introduction


How it works

eggPlant Network is an appliance. You simply place it in your network between the client (or mobile device) and the server, define the network you want to emulate at a high-level (e.g. “in London on a 3G network connecting to a server in San Francisco”), and then execute your tests as normal. eggPlant Network will deliver an accurate repeatable emulation of the network.

eP Network diagram v 2b


Key Features

  • Emulate up to 20 different networks in one appliance. So you (and others) can simultaneously be testing your app over 3G, a 100Mbps LAN, and 18 other network configurations.
  • Emulate bandwidth, latency, packet loss, re-ordering, and jitter. Sophisticated emulation control (e.g. statistical distribution of packet loss) is available, or eggPlant Network can manage this for you. Emulate any network from LAN, to cellular, to satellite.
  • Define networks at the user level (e.g. ‘fast LAN’ or ‘slow 3G’) or at the protocol level (e.g. ‘8% packet loss on a Poisson distribution) depending on your expertise and requirements.
  • Link speeds to 1Gbps.
  • Add-on Profiler allows you to gather the characteristics of any network and pass this to the eggPlant Network emulator for an exact emulation of your target network. This provides a completely accurate emulation for total assurance.
  • Allows you to easily combine a WAN and ‘last-hop’ emulation (e.g. trans-Atlantic MPLS and then 3G) for deeper analysis of application behavior.

eP Network diagram v 2b



  • Services assurance for your digital business. Ensure your application delivers excellent user experience, functions correctly, and takes full advantage of available resources on different networks.
  • Accurately emulate any network from 3G, to LAN, to satellite. Add-on Profiler allows an exact emulation of your target network.
  • No network knowledge required. eggPlant Network uses our experience to provide accurate network emulations without the testers having to provide details of the network. At the same time, advanced users can define characteristics and statistical profiles if required.
  • Repeatable network emulation for efficient debugging. No more ‘intermittent network issues’.