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eggIntegration is a collection of simple integration plug-ins that we supply for connecting to some of the tools in the eggPlant ecosystem. This includes plug-ins for Jenkins, IBM UrbanCode Deploy, IBM Rational Quality Manager (IBM RQM), and HP ALM, among others.

These plug-ins mean that wherever HP ALM uses QTP, or IBM RQM uses RFT, you can easily use eggPlant Functional instead. The Jenkins plug-in means that you can get full detailed status information back from eggPlant Functional to Jenkins so that it can report on exactly what went wrong when errors have occurred. The IBM UrbanCode Deploy plug-in means that you can execute eggPlant Functional scripts as part of any process flow, e.g. running acceptance tests on the products or ensuring that the deployment has succeeded. Our IBM UrbanCode and Rational Quality Manager plug-ins have both been officially recognized as “Ready for IBM Rational” by IBM.

eggIntegration allows you to have the best of both worlds – the continuous integration and application lifecycle management tools that suit your environment, combined with the power and simplicity of the eggPlant range of test tools. Validate all your UrbanCode deployments on any target platform, test iOS and Linux from HP Quality Center, test localization from IBM Rational, and run your nightly tests across 10 browsers simultaneously from Jenkins.


For integrating eggPlant Functional’s image-based approach into existing test harnesses, we also provide the eggDrive API, which gives almost any programming or scripting language simple fine-grained control of the full functionality of eggPlant Functional. Anyone can use the Drive API, or the comprehensive eggPlant Functional command line interface, to integrate eggPlant Functional into their CI or ALM environment. eggPlant users have already done this for Atlassian’s Jira and Bamboo, Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS), and the Rally Agile Platform.