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eggMan gives manual testers full access to test systems in your eggCloud, or directly connected to your PC, to execute manual tests more efficiently. eggMan includes an eggPlant Functional tutorial license which helps you learn about test automation in an environment created for manual testers. eggMan is free for everyone.


Quick Introduction


Key Features

  • Execute manual tests using your PC.
  • Integrated with eggCloud to provide zero config access to shared test systems.
  • Access hardware controls on test systems, e.g. “Home” and volume controls.
  • Includes an eggPlant Functional tutorial license to get you up-and-running with test automation.

Key Benefits

  • Provides manual testers with all the benefits of eggCloud, e.g. ensuring you always have access to the devices you need when you need them.
  • One tool for any test system from mainframe to mobile, from iOS to Windows 8.