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eggCloud is your private test device management cloud. It lets you quickly set up a centralized test lab of real devices that your automation and manual testers can connect to from anywhere through a convenient browser interface. eggCloud is a private device cloud solution, inside your firewall and under your control, and can include any mobile, desktop, or server test devices that you need – from iOS and Android, to Windows laptops running Chrome or Firefox, to Linux database servers. Testers simply browse the available test devices in your eggCloud test lab, reserve an available time slot, and then connect directly to the actual device from eggPlant Functional.

eggCloud works closely with eggPlant Manager, making reservation of test devices for automated test execution easy. Manual testers can also use the devices in your eggCloud test lab via eggMan.

eggCloud massively reduces your test environment management overheads, ensures your testers always have access to the test devices they need, ensures your devices are in the correct state, and reduces the total number of test devices your QA team needs.

eggCloud is available as a downloadable software package or as part of an eggBox appliance. eggBox is your pre-integrated test lab in a box and means you can be using eggCloud in literally minutes.


Quick Introduction


Key Features

  • Include any test device from mobile, to desktop, to server. Not just a mobile device cloud; a comprehensive device management solution for your whole test environment.
  • Private device cloud solution for improved availability, security, and control of your mobile apps and data.
  • Supports both automated testing tools and manual testing via eggMan.
  • Supports functional testing, performance testing, and load testing.
  • Access control groups that define which test devices each tester can use.
  • Quotas that limit the total time-per-week allotted to each tester for test device reservation.
  • Administrative reporting; e.g. most popular devices.



  • Ensure your system testing and agile testing teams always have access to the test devices they need.
  • Ensure test devices are always in the correct state.
  • Reduce the administrative overhead of manually managing test devices.
  • Set up in minutes via eggBox.
  • Reduce the total number of test devices required.
  • Testers doing both manual and automated testing¬†can share the same devices.