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eggBox is your test lab in a box for any set of devices from mobiles to desktops to mainframes. eggBox is an appliance which includes a range of pre-configured eggPlant test automation and test management tools to immediately set up your test lab or Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE). eggBox delivers a fast and simple way to set up your complete test environment.


eggBox is customized for your requirements. It includes the following eggPlant test automation tools.

  • eggCloud – your private test device cloud for managing the devices in your test environment.
  • iOS Gateway – controlling iOS devices (no gateway is needed for other platforms).
  • eggPlant Manager – test environment management and automated test scheduling.
  • eggPlant Functional – functional and performance test automation.
  • eggIntegration – into HP ALM, IBM UrbanCode, IBM RQM, and Jenkins.

Please contact us now to add an eggBox to your test lab.


eggCrate is a convenient storage and charging solution for mobile and tablet devices. The devices can then be connected to eggBox with a single USB cable. WiFi shielding (not included) can be applied for secure environments. Combined with eggBox and eggPlant Network, eggCrate delivers an instant, complete, test device lab.