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The eggPlant range of test automation tools comprises a variety of tools to satisfy every testing need – from functional to performance, mobile to desktop, digital to legacy. eggPlant tools can function on their own, with test tools from other vendors, or together in a unified environment. Pick and choose which tools fit your needs and environment, and use them together to easily drive automated UI tests with accurate results.

eggPlant Functional Functional image-based tests are created using eggPlant Functional with an easy-to use test creation process and user interface.
eggPlant Performance Performance, load, and stress tests are created using eggPlant Performance, which has a wide variety of virtual user scripts for testing a wide range of technology.
eggPlant Network eggPlant Network can be brought in to facilitate different types of network connections for accurate mobile testing, and any manual testers on your team can use eggMan to reserve devices and connect into the device cloud.
eggPlant Manager and eggCloud eggPlant Manager is our test management tool. It allows for reserving SUTs hosted in your custom eggCloud device lab, and scheduling and executing tests created in eggPlant Functional. It also provides customizable easy to read reports on accumulated test data.
eggIntegration If your team already has a test management system such as HP ALM or Jenkins, eggIntegration can be used to run eggPlant tests from within your existing environment.

The diagram below shows how all of these test automation tools can fit together in a single environment. Of course, every company’s testing needs are different, and every test environment setup will have different requirements, so that’s why the eggPlant range is modularized and scalable. You can pick and choose which tools are right for your team, and scale up when necessary.