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eggPlant Network is TestPlant’s powerful network emulator which makes it easy to test your mobile, browser, or client-server application under different network conditions. For more information on eggPlant Network, click here.



You must have a valid license key to use any eggPlant tool. If you are an existing eggPlant Network customer, but for any reason do not have your key, please contact If you are not an existing customer and would like to find out more please contact


eggPlant Network

eggPlant Network v3.0.16 163MB   link
Release notes     link
eggPlant Network v1.5.3 134MB Note that this includes an OS update and so must be installed via USB, not via the ‘Upgrade’ menu within eggPlant Network. Please contact for assistance with this upgrade. link


Helper suites and scripts

API client v3.0 (   24KB This is a client for the eggPlant Network remote API (in Python). This allows you to start/stop existing emulations and reboot the unit. A full API specification is in the documentation. link
eggPlant Network helper suite v3.0 16KB This is an eggPlant Functional suite to assist with using the eggPlant Network emulator with eggPlant Functional. Note: This suite requires Python to be installed on the machine running eggPlant Functional. link