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eggIntegration is the name for the components we deliver that are required for some of the integrations in the eggPlant ecosystem. It is a collection of simple integration plug-ins for some of the most popular continuous integration and ALM tools to make integration easy. This includes plug-ins for Jenkins, IBM UrbanCode Deploy, IBM Rational Quality Manager (IBM RQM), and HP ALM. For more information on eggIntegration, click here.


The Jenkins and IBM UrbanCode Deploy plug-ins are free and do not require any license key to use. The IBM RQM and HP ALM plug-ins require a license key.

If you are already a customer you can access your keys here. If you are not a customer you can get a free evaluation license here.



Our Jenkins plug-in is open-source and available here.


HP Quality Center (part of HP ALM) 

v2.0.7 Windows 7+, HP ALM v11+ link
Helper Suite for HP ALM eggIntegration for HP ALM link
Documentation eggIntegration for HP ALM link
v1.1 Windows Server 2008, HP ALM v11.52 and below link
Helper suite for v1.1 eggIntegration for HP ALM v1.1 link


IBM UrbanCode Deploy

v1.1 Any platform supported by UrbanCode Deploy link
  Documentation link

Our IBM UrbanCode Deploy plug-in is also available from the official UrbanCode plug-in repository (


IBM Rational Quality Manager Integration for eggPlant

v6.03 Windows XP/7/8, Server 2008, Server 2012 link
v6.03 Mac OS X 10.7 / 10.8 / 10.9 (64-bit required) link
v6.03 CentOS 6.6 (64-bit required) link
  Documentation link


Visual Studio integration for eggPlant

v0.8 Visual Studio 2013 Premium or Ultimate edition link
  Documentation link