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eggMan is TestPlant’s manual testing tool. It gives manual testers full access to test systems in your eggCloud, or directly connected to your PC, to execute manual tests more efficiently. eggMan includes an eggPlant Functional tutorial license which helps you learn about test automation in an environment created for manual testers. eggMan is free for everyone. To learn more about eggMan, click here.



A free license will be provided as part of the installation process. Please simply download eggMan for the appropriate platform, install, and follow the on-screen instructions.

eggMan also comes with a free 5-day trial of our GUI test automation tool eggPlant Functional. For a longer trial of eggPlant Functional, please fill out our free trial form.



17.1.3 eggMan for Windows 7+, 64 bit link
17.1.3 eggMan for Mac OSX 10.8+ link
eggMan for Linux (please contact us if you’re interested in eggMan for Linux) link