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eggCloud is your private test device management cloud. It lets you quickly set up a centralized test lab of real devices that your automation and manual testers can connect to from anywhere. eggCloud is a private cloud solution, inside your firewall and under your control, and can include any mobile, desktop, or server test devices that you need. To learn more about eggCloud, click here.


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You must have a valid license key to use any eggPlant tool. If you are already a customer you can access your keys here.

If you are not already a customer you can get a free evaluation license here.



v6.1 CentOS 6, RedHat 6 (64-bit) link
v6.1 Mac OSX 10.9+ link
v6.1 Windows 7/8/10, Server 2008/2012 (64-bit required) link
  Documentation link