eggplant users achieve highest levels of test automation

  • Posted by JB Brockman
  • On October 11, 2016

User Survey 2016 shows eggPlant users are leading the industry in terms of achieving high levels of test automation coverage

London, UK – October 11, 2016 – TestPlant, the maker of the eggPlant range of software quality tools, today announced the results of its 2016 User Survey. Key findings include a clear shift towards increasing levels of automation, growth in application-level load testing and an increase in non-functional testing.

Responses were gathered from almost 200 eggPlant users across a wide range of geographies and industries, and there was clear evidence that test automation is now taking hold, with over 60% of respondents indicating that they have achieved more than 25% automation of their functional testing, and a third having achieved more than 50%.

These results show clear improvement on last year’s PAC Report on Digital Testing, which found that only 8% of companies had achieved more than 50% automation.

“Levels of test automation have remained static for many years, with most organizations automating less than 25% of their functional testing,” said Antony Edwards, CTO, TestPlant. “But this year we have seen a clear shift towards increasing test automation among our customer base as it delivers clear value for organizations. In addition, we know that tool complexity is a barrier to increasing automation levels, so these figures also reflect the ease-of-use for which the eggPlant tools are widely recognized.”

In another indicator that companies are scaling-up their test automation efforts, there has been a significant rise in the number of organizations using eggPlant Manager, TestPlant’s web-based test management tool. More than 85% of respondents stated that they had used eggPlant Manager, up 5% from a year ago.

“The increase in usage of eggPlant Manager is a sign that test process is coming back,” said Edwards. “Ten years ago, many people had bad experiences with heavyweight test processes that gave little value, so they gave up on them. But, as companies scale up their test automation, they need lightweight, effective test processes supported by similarly lightweight and effective tools like eggPlant Manager.”

The survey revealed that interest in application-level load testing is increasing in popularity (56%) and is now almost as popular as load testing for the web (70%). In addition, respondents gave clear insight into how test teams are spending their time, with resources being spread relatively evenly across functional, performance, load, security and usability testing.

“It’s interesting to see the increase in application-level load testing. We believe there are a lot of different drivers behind this – more focus on user experience and really testing things from the user’s perspective, more functional testers wanting to do a bit of load testing, increased security making protocol-level testing infeasible in many environments, and the fact that it can just be a more productive way to test,” said Edwards. “And the insight into what test teams are doing with their time is fascinating; previously, more than 80% of test effort was spent on functional testing, but this shows our customers are spending significant time on additional activities.”

Finally, the survey showed a significant increase in customer satisfaction levels associated with TestPlant’s post-sales technical support, with users rating their experience as 9/10.

“These satisfaction levels are phenomenal and are a clear validation of the introduction of our Customer Success program,” said Edwards. “We can see from these results that it’s really helping customers deploy eggPlant successfully and this will also be contributing directly to helping achieve the higher automation levels that we have seen.”

For more results, see an infographic showing the results here.

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