TestPlant and RealVNC deliver test automation solution for the automotive market

  • Posted by JB Brockman
  • On September 21, 2016

eggPlant enhanced by new VNC Servers for auto-industry embedded systems

London, UK – September 21, 2016 – TestPlant, the maker of the eggPlant range of software quality tools, and RealVNC, the global provider of VNC® remote access technology and premier MirrorLink supplier, today announced a collaboration on a new automated testing solution for the automotive sector.

TestPlant and RealVNC worked together to provide state-of-the-art VNC Servers for automotive industry embedded systems. This enables TestPlant to support an unprecedented variety of systems with its eggPlant product range, which provides a suite of easy-to-use software test automation tools that help organisations deliver high quality enterprise and mobile applications quickly and consistently in Agile and DevOps environments. eggPlant’s patented, image-based approach to functional testing allows applications to be tested non-intrusively and from a true user perspective, and its powerful performance testing and network emulation products allow developers to easily test applications under a range of conditions.

“We are pleased to be working with TestPlant to deliver the best-in-class VNC technology to our joint automotive customer base,” said Tom Blackie, Vice President Mobile and Automotive at RealVNC. “We have worked in partnership with TestPlant for many years and our complementary technologies provide excellent additional capabilities to the automotive industry and beyond.”

“TestPlant makes it easy for people to test any system from desktop and mobile to in-vehicle systems and the Internet-of-Things; and create reliable test-scripts that run cross-platform. RealVNC helps make this possible,” said Antony Edwards, CTO, TestPlant. “VNC technology within the eggPlant range provides the universal communications layer to target any system in a standard way that’s easy for testers.”

RealVNC advocates for open standards, having published the VNC protocol, a core component of the MirrorLink® standard, over ten years ago.  RealVNC is technology agnostic and complements the TestPlant solution with a range of VNC Servers and Viewers running on all the main Operating Systems such as QNX, Linux, Android, WinCE and Tizen on ARM and Intel architectures.

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