Innovation Exercise in BDD

  • Posted by JB Brockman
  • On November 4, 2013

TestPlant is launching an “Innovation Exercise” in behaviour driven development (BDD) methodology with BDD Manager. BDD Manager is a comprehensive project management tool designed from the ground up for agile and BDD teams. Its goal is to help business analysts, developers, designers, testers, and everyone else participating in a project to work together to deliver the right thing, first time, as fast as possible.

Why use BDD Manager?

  • Clear transparency of project and quality status.
  • Less time writing test scripts.
  • Less time executing test scripts.
  • Higher quality through better test coverage.
  • Clear traceability and auditability.

BDD Manager provides functionality in four key areas:

  • Requirements and Test Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Scrum Management
  • Case Management

The “Innovation Exercise” aims to trial the BDD Manager concept and get a better understanding of what enterprise teams really want and need from agile and BDD tools. It is being conducted in partnership with Gerrard Consulting who have been providing agile and BDD consulting to many of the UK’s largest companies for several years and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the exercise. A limited number of enterprise customers are now invited to collaborate in the development of this exciting and contemporary methodology; BDD Manager will be free of product charges for the period of the exercise. If you’d like your business to be included in this program, please email the TestPlant CTO direct on:

For those interested in agile and BDD, please also keep an eye on our blog where we will be talking about what we learn from the “Innovation Exercise” over the next 3-6 months.