TestPlant Annual Customer Survey Results 2013

  • Posted by JB Brockman
  • On October 29, 2013

The results are in… our 2013 customer survey is now complete. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the questionnaire – your feedback helps us ensure we are developing in the right direction and that the improvements we make to our products and supporting services are of the most value to you.

We thought we’d let you know some of the key highlights from this year’s survey.

Regarding both eggPlant Functional and eggPlant Performance, you told us that the key strengths of the products are fast and simple script creation, low maintenance costs, and the ability to test any test-case. This is just as well, since over 80% of you also told us that this is the most important factor for a test tool!

eggPlant Functional Graph

eggPlant Performance graph

Thumbs up for ease of use and cross-platform capability

You also told us that both products’ ease-of-use and cross-platform capabilities are clear strengths, even though these were viewed as being slightly less important to you than script creation and productivity.

In addition, for eggPlant Functional, almost 70% of respondents identified script repeatability as being of significant importance to them and most of you also stated that eggPlant Functional was strong in this area.

Room for improvement

So it’s good to know we are hitting most of the right areas with eggPlant Functional, but thanks to your feedback we also know that we need to continue improving especially with OCR, text search, and execution speed.

When it comes to new features in eggPlant Performance, more than half of you indicated that dynamic test control, where you can change the parameters of a test at runtime, is the most important area. In addition, improved data analysis and diagnostic capabilities are also high on your list of what you’d like to see enhanced in eggPlant Performance over the next 12 months. All three of these are key items on our roadmap so stay tuned for some announcements over the coming months.

Mobile insight

Our study this year has given us some clear insight into your plans for mobile platform development. Over 50% of respondents indicated they will be testing on iOS and Android over the next 12 months. 15% said they will be testing on Windows phone, which whilst well behind the market leaders is higher than many analyst firms are reporting, and is probably something Redmond would be happy to see; this is why we need your direct feedback! Unsurprisingly, hardly anyone (~2%) is planning to test Blackberry in the year ahead.

Sales & support score well

Finally, we always seek to ensure that our sales and technical support teams are delivering a high level of service. This year, we are happy to note that our sales and support teams have a combined average rating of 4.35 out of 5, where 1=Very Dissatisfied and 5=Very Satisfied. This is remarkable for a technology company and we are grateful for this recognition.

We know that there are always areas of sale and support that can be improved, such as having a regular point of contact, and you can rest assured that we will be working to continually improve our standard of service in the weeks and months ahead.

In addition to the broad overview we’ve outlined today, you have also given us a lot of very specific feedback and we will be looking at every one of your comments in the days and weeks ahead to ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to your very high standards.

Thank you again for your contribution to this year’s survey and look forward to hearing from you again soon.

The TestPlant team