TestPlant launches eggPlant Mobile Testing Solution

  • Posted by JB Brockman
  • On February 14, 2011

TestPlant launches eggPlant Mobile Testing Solution
Mobile World Congress 2011

Barcelona 14 February 2011 – TestPlant, the UK headquartered international software company, has launched the eggPlant Mobile Testing Solution. eggPlant is the world’s leading robotic test tool for GUI testing used by many leading software companies, by significant defence, security and aerospace organisations and by global media broadcasters and on-line entertainment businesses. The mobile testing solution extends eggPlant’s reach into software running on smartphones and tablets across the major mobile operating systems. The launch is in partnership with RealVNC, the original developer and leading provider of VNC® technology used by millions of computer users around the world.

Testing software or apps on mobile devices is a major pain point for app developers, for device manufacturers and for network operators. There has not been an effective in house automated solution to testing software on the full range of devices. Existing techniques are either manual, which is extremely tedious and error-prone, or electro-mechanical, which is limited, does not reproduce a real user experience test and can place IP outside the enterprise environment. eggPlant uses RealVNC’s VNC Mobile Solution to connect directly to a device. A true user experience test is created as eggPlant is capable of recognising icons, colours, text and fields on any display. A test script is automatically generated as eggPlant is trained to move around an app using its image store to spot and compare display prompts. Multiple tests become effortless and eggPlant reports test failures with helpful screen images of the exact point of failure. A automated test script can be created on one device (or emulator) to be repeated many times on other devices.

There are 4.6 billion mobile phone users in the world (ITU, 2010) and that number is growing rapidly with a dramatic switch to smartphones and now tablets. With a fourfold growth in on-line commerce transactions over the past four years (IDC) and with that trend expected to extend because of the sophistication and convenience of smart devices, there is huge pressure on developers to improve the quality of mobile apps, speed up time-to-market and reduce costs. Automation of such functional or regression testing is a solution to this problem and eggPlant is expected to take a leadership position due to its non-invasive real user experience, its ease of use and its ability to be universally deployed on virtually any device.