TestPlant supports UK austerity measures with free software

  • Posted by JB Brockman
  • On July 20, 2010

Press Release
TestPlant supports UK austerity measures with free software for public sector and suppliers

Farnborough International Air Show, UK, July, 2010 – TestPlant today announced a remarkable offer to any UK public sector organisations or businesses with government contracts. The first licence of eggPlant – their world-leading robotic software testing tool – can be acquired at no cost in its first year of use by any new customer whose funding comes from central or local government. This announcement is timed as a response to ministers calling for cuts as the new coalition government works to reduce departmental budgets by as much as 25%. Only yesterday Liam Fox told the defence industry to reduce prices in line with his efforts to effect a 20% reduction in Department of Defence spending over the next four years.

Thorough testing of software systems is crucial, particularly if these systems are deployed in information databases, by security agencies or in defence and aerospace applications. Bugs cost money and potentially lives. And that testing process represents some 30% of commercial software development costs and as much as an astonishing 70% in defence environments. With testing being traditionally a manual process, it is tedious, error-prone, time consuming, inefficient and costly. Just as the car industry adopted assembly line robots and then built better cars, managers of software development programmes can build better software, reduce delivery times and save money by automating testing.

eggPlant can “see” computer screens, head-up displays, check-in terminals or mobile device screens by using its unique image recognition technology. eggPlant can be trained [just like an assembly line robot] to perform functions and respond intelligently to screen prompts. If the application doesn’t operate as expected, eggPlant reports the fault back to developers with a handy screen shot of the point of failure.

But why free? George Mackintosh, Chief Executive of TestPlant put it this way: “We have a radically new approach and we’ve been very successful in exporting eggPlant around the world to some of the biggest and brightest technology companies, such as Cisco and Google. Here in the UK, the BBC and NATS are already users. But not-so-early adopters need a nudge and we’re creative, confident and willing to “prime the pump” with this offer. If eggPlant saves money for these new users, then they’ll want to extend its deployment!”