New release of eggPlant for Mac v10.2

  • Posted by JB Brockman
  • On July 17, 2010

We’re delighted to announce the availability of a significant release of eggPlant for Mac – free to all current v10 users and available as an upgrade for V4 and earlier users. v10.2 is the third series release since TestPlant launched the v10 platform which also delivers eggPlant for Linux and eggPlant for Windows. Jonathan Gillaspie, eggPlant’s Chief Software Architect elaborates: “We attempt to maintain Mac, Linux and Windows versions at the same release level. We have tremendous feedback on eggPlant’s performance from these three user communities and this really helps us power ahead with new features and improved performance. Of course it’s always of paramount importance that we offer script portability across the eggPlant range while trying to maintain the same “feel” on all three platforms. I’m really pleased with v10.2 – my team has worked hard on this”.

Highlights of v10.2
1. User interface – some 7 changes speeding up navigation, providing more feedback, adding new and
helpful warnings and improving commands.
2. Network connection VNC – significant improvement on responses by optimizating screen updates.
3. Scripting SenseTalk – 18 improvements both minor and very noticeable which add greater power and
ease-of-use to our scripting language.

For a fuller inspection of what’s contained within v10.2, go to: