TestPlant updates eggPlant for Linux

  • Posted by JB Brockman
  • On May 12, 2010

Press Release
New Text Recording feature, improved script formatting & User Interface

London, 12 May 2010 – TestPlant updated the eggPlant for Linux with release of version 10.2, which has improved performance, better GUI performance, and new SenseTalk commands. Notable improvements have been made in the performance of the Script Editor. Engineers will notice dramatically reduced screen updates requested from the VNC server, improving connection performance with slower servers and on slower connections. This improvement will significantly help multi-located QA and development teams to work proactively reducing time to market.

The new release also features a new TypeText recording feature that allows you to automatically capture most keyboard input, including modifier keys, by just typing. New SenseTalk features expand eggPlant’s text handling and provide more options for value comparisons. Improved Control over helper suites and enhancements to the case and bug submission panel allows version 10.2 of this universal GUI test tool to bring with it key features that reduce the learning and deployment curve of the tool thus significantly helping QA engineers who are new to automation.

The updates to the Linux version strengthens eggPlant’s non-invasive architecture, clever image recognition technology, and ability to deliver test results using less resource commitment. eggPlant is used by many of the world’s top 25 IT and software companies and by most of the world’s top 10 defense contractors. eggPlant
for Linux is now available for download as well as a full list of enhancements www.testplant.com/downloads for existing users. For a trial, visit https://www.testplant.com/products/eggplant_functional_tester/trial

TestPlant changed the QA automation landscape when it took the reins of world leading software test tool, ”eggPlant”. The tool is a user-friendly tool in the manual testing environments. The TestPlant technology is effectively a robotic tester which, using image recognition, sees complex screens and spots bugs. eggPlant is used
by the BBC, CISCO, and the US Army. TestPlant has expanded aggressively since the 2008 acquisition of eggplant’s original owner and was recently recognized as a high growth exporter by winning the prestigious London Export Award. Jon Richards is the Chairman with Seraphim Capital providing venture capital.