TestPlant releases eggPlant for Windows

  • Posted by JB Brockman
  • On April 6, 2010

Press Release
Launch of eggPlant for Windows: latest version of world-leading universal test tool

London, 6 April, 2010 – TestPlant has announced the much anticipated Windows version of eggPlant, their world leading robotic test tool. eggPlant for Windows joins eggPlant for Mac launched in 2002 and eggPlant for Linux, which was released exactly one year ago on this same date, to complete the full set of platform variants. All three products are built on the new v10 development platform from which eggPlant can automate the testing of interfaces [“GUIs”] on any software system irrespective of its operating system, age or function. This announcement confirms eggPlant as the universal automation tool for GUI testing. By automating traditional manual testing procedures, the deployment of eggPlant improves systems quality, reduces delivery times and lowers costs.

eggPlant is already used by many of the world’s smartest software developers in most of the largest IT companies and those in security, aerospace and defence organizations. It is also being rapidly adopted as the best and often the only technology capable of testing in the on-line entertainment and gaming industries. The software uses image recognition to “see” the interface on whichever device is being tested. This means that any icon, text or image, which can be viewed by the human eye, can be recognised and remembered by eggPlant. Once trained by the test operator, eggPlant can robotically repeat simple or highly complex test procedures time after time, reporting failures by capturing screen images of that point of failure and thus speeding-up bug detection and repair.

TestPlant introduced the v10 development platform with the launch of eggPlant for Linux in 2009 and the porting of legacy eggPlant for Mac to the new architecture at the same time. The construction of the v10 platform with its support of eggPlant in Mac, Linux and Windows versions represents an extraordinary achievement from the collaboration between the TestPlant team and the GNU Step open source software development cooperative. eggPlant users can switch testing between Apple, Microsoft and Linux operating platforms while retaining the ability to use the invaluable test scripts produced using eggPlant’s easy-to-use language “SenseTalk”. Systems or devices which can be tested by eggPlant include mobile phones, point-of-sale terminals, head-up displays, air traffic control screens, sat nav
systems, gaming machines, on-line audio and TV entertainment, home energy “smart meters”, automotive in-car control and entertainment systems, training simulators and highly graphic social networking web sites.

George Mackintosh, Chief Executive of TestPlant, said “Now we can offer our customers – current and future – a tool which covers all the bases: it can be used on whichever platform is preferred by test teams and to deploy on whichever system or device they need to test. Businesses want to replace tedious, repetitive and error prone manual testing with automated procedures. The price of any tool is dwarfed by the adoption cost (training etc) and time investment in building test scripts. eggPlant is now the easy-to-use universal tool in GUI testing. TestPlant delivers our software as a service providing complete and long term service delivery assurance to our customers.”