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Getting started with performance testing: Round two!

Some of you may have attended our “Getting Started with Performance Testing” webinar a couple of weeks ago. The event was such a success, we’re doing it again! For those of you who missed it, make sure to sign up for the next session here. In the meantime, I’ll give you a taste:

In this webinar, we will run through the basics of performance testing. For a lot of folks just introducing test automation into their company (or even those who are already doing functional test automation), performance and load testing can be daunting.

To help alleviate the stress and clarify some first steps, we decided to run this webinar to help break down the basics for getting started. Steps for getting started include planning and preparation, test architecture, constraints, test creation/ recording, execution, and results. Read more

Impressive and engaging talks at the Northern Lights testing conference

I recently presented at the Northern Lights conference in Manchester. This conference was hosted by the BCS (British Computing Society), and my talk was “Tools. Techniques. Trouble? Why test automation is getting more difficult, and what can be done about it.” You may have seen my blog post from ahead of the show, but if you haven’t yet, you can find it here.

I focussed on automating user interactions with the System under Test (SUT) and automating the creation of test scripts but not the automation of the testing process itself. I addressed both functional and load testing.

For those who weren’t there, here are the key points that I covered in my presentation: Read more

Test environment management is critical to test automation

A lack of environment management is one of the most common reasons for unreliable test execution. People remove devices from the test environment, change app versions without notification, change OS settings, two tests try to use the same devices at the same time, a manual tries to use the same device at the same time, a backup runs on the middle of a test run, insufficient user data is provided, and the list goes on.

So whenever we work with a customer new to test automation, we stress the need to have their environment setup properly, and to make someone accountable for keeping it clean. But even when a team fully recognises the need for active environment management, it is still difficult and time-consuming. 

This is why our focus with eggPlant Manager and eggCloud v5.1 was environment management. We want to provide tools to make it much simpler to manage a reliable test environment – create SUTs, manage configuration, mediate access, and dynamically detect changes so there is always an accurate understanding of the environment.

We believe eggCloud v5.1 is a huge step forward in helping people easily manage robust test environments. Please try it now and we’d love to hear your feedback.

From everyone at TestPlant – thank you!

Innovation is underpinned by commercial success. TestPlant has been the test industry “disruptor” but our inventions have brought solutions to many thousands of engineers in many hundreds of the world’s leading enterprises. Thank you for making eggPlant your test automation solution – and thank you if you’re on the point of joining our user community.

You have lead the field by using eggPlant tools and now we’d like you to share in the glow of the honours and recognition’s that have so recently been bestowed upon us: top ratings by Gartner, the world’s top IT research firm; a Queen’s Award for Innovation and yet another patent. Together they endorse our creativity, our uniqueness, our hard work and…your choice! Read more

UX testing and the PARM principle: STAREAST boasted QA fun

If you’re looking for fun testing, STAREAST is the place to find it. With an overarching theme of user-experience testing, the undertone of this show was definitely a fun one. Not to mention that it’s set in Orlando, FL., where you can find Disney World, Sea World, Epcot, and more.


Hot topic: User Experience (UX)

User experience is obviously a big focus of image-based testing, so we talk about it a lot here at TestPlant. I was happy to find that there was a lot of chatter about how to address UX in functional testing at STAREAST this year as well. Whether focusing on end-to-end testing, mobile and web testing, exploratory testing, or something else entirely, everyone seemed to be discussing testing techniques that take into account the user experience (UX or UE). The question, as always, is exactly how to test that experience to improve it and make it the best experience possible.

It’s likely you’ve seen this software testing pyramid before:

software testing pyramid

The question is, where is your testing focus now? Danny McKeown of Paychex discussed how to “Stay ahead of the Mobile and Web Testing Maturity Curve”, and he mentioned that Read more

Test management made easy, even without available SUTs

eggPlant Manager v5.1 was just released! To try it out for free, download it today. To learn about all of the great new features, sign up for our upcoming webinar discussing this release on May 5th. Register now!


I hear you’re setting up some new tests, but you’ve run out of SUTs. The existing tests are all running, and you’re pretty sure every single machine you have added into eggCloud is being used. You’re using eggPlant Manager to set up your new tests for daily execution, and you’d really like to get them started now, but you don’t have an easy way to check and make sure there aren’t any available devices on your network, or a way to quickly add more.

In the past, this would have been a problem. Lucky for you, eggPlant Manager v5.1 addresses these types of issues with a variety of new features that all support making SUT connections easier and faster.

HS-m-119-ePM-5-1 Read more