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Test management made easy, even without available SUTs

eggPlant Manager v5.1 was just released! To try it out for free, download it today. To learn about all of the great new features, sign up for our upcoming webinar discussing this release on May 5th. Register now!


I hear you’re setting up some new tests, but you’ve run out of SUTs. The existing tests are all running, and you’re pretty sure every single machine you have added into eggCloud is being used. You’re using eggPlant Manager to set up your new tests for daily execution, and you’d really like to get them started now, but you don’t have an easy way to check and make sure there aren’t any available devices on your network, or a way to quickly add more.

In the past, this would have been a problem. Lucky for you, eggPlant Manager v5.1 addresses these types of issues with a variety of new features that all support making SUT connections easier and faster.

HS-m-119-ePM-5-1 Read more

From Mobile Dev+Test/ IoT Con to STAREAST, conference attendees win with TestPlant

Last week in San Diego, we had a great time visiting with a wide variety of interested folks talking about testing, test strategies, mobile, and IoT. You might have already seen my reflections on the talks at this event, but if you haven’t read it yet, check it out.

TestPlant booth at Mobile Dev+Test/Mobile IoT Con San Diego 2016

Our booth was a hit, with our cute robot friends meandering the crowd, and live demos running across iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile simultaneously. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat with us about your testing struggles and how eggPlant tools might fit in with your testing needs; We really enjoyed ourselves, and hope you did too! Read more

The IoT of Mobile at Mobile Dev+Test/ Mobile IoT Con

Yes, Mobile Dev+Test/Mobile IoT Con focused on mobile, but the emphasis was definitely on IoT. The possibilities of IoT can seem endless, and can excite the imagination, but as devices like wearables become more and more common, reality sets in. Over the last few days, I heard stories of tragedy, struggle, and facing the unknown, but also of gratitude and possibility.

For many, as Kevin Rohling of Boomtain discussed in his keynote talk titled “The First Wave of IoT – Blood in the Water”, IoT has been a difficult and hard road. Read more

3 challenges of responsive web testing, and how to address them with eggPlant tools

We recently conducted a webinar on using eggPlant tools to test responsive websites. We’ll be hosting this webinar again on April 28. Register today!


Responsive web design (RWD) is sometimes compared to pouring water into a variety of different containers. The water adapts to take the shape of the container that it’s in. You probably already know that responsive websites are the same way; They’re fluid and each element of the website adapts to the shape of the device viewing the site.

responsive web design testing

This is what makes RWD so great for user experience. The experience is fluid, just like the water in the glass. No matter what device a potential customer is using to access your website, they will be presented with an easy-to-use version of your site.

The arguments for responsive web design are clear, and it’s difficult to argue with smooth UX. The tough thing is that even though RWD is great for the user experience, it’s not quite as great for testing. Read more

Software testing challenges at the Northern Lights conference

I’m presenting at the one-day Northern Lights conference held by the BCS (British Computing Society) Software Testing Specialist group (SIGiST) on software testing. The conference takes place in Manchester on the 27th of April, and I’ll be presenting a talk called “Tools. Techniques. Trouble?  Why test automation is getting more difficult, and what can be done about it.”

In this talk, I’m going to explore why I believe software testing is becoming more challenging and offer some constructive suggestions. Read more

Responsive Web Design: Critical to use, critical to test

To learn in depth how eggPlant can be used to address Responsive Web Design testing, register for our upcoming webinar here.


The way we are accessing the web is changing. According to an internet trends report compiled by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KCPB), 25% of global web traffic came through mobile devices in 2014, with a 78% increase between May 2013 and May 2014. The rapid and significant increase in traffic points to the growing role of mobile devices in accessing information via the web. Read more