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Broncos pass the test!

Here in Boulder, Colorado, last night’s dominant defensive performance by the Broncos is still ringing in our ears. After a regression test of a season, the Broncos seem to have worked out the bugs, raking in the achievements with a third Super Bowl win for the team, quarterback Peyton Manning’s second. Read more

Mobile’s Merge with the Automobile Impacts Testing

This week, we welcome guest blogger Noah Reding, Principal Product Manager of Solutions and Applications at National Instruments, for a post focusing on test automation in the automotive industry. 

Join TestPlant CTO, Antony Edwards, and Principal Product Manager of Solutions and Applications at National Instruments Noah Reding for a webinar – where they will discuss end-to-end testing with LabVIEW and eggPlant Functional. Register now


In recent years, the modern automobile has gone through a revolution in what it does, how it performs, and how it is developed. The car has essentially transformed into a rolling computer through our streets and roads because of all of the electronics and embedded software systems that control how it gets us to our destination, keeps us safe, and entertains us.

Perhaps the most noticeable change that we see in cars today compared to those from previous decades is in the interior within the infotainment and display systems. As consumers, we continually demand more and more from vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to ensure we can emulate the same user experience in our cars as we do with the devices that we perhaps use more than any other – our mobile phones. Consumer devices like our phones and tablets are continuing to integrate their technologies with our vehicles to create a better driver experience, but this has also introduced new challenges to how these systems are developed and tested.

IVI System Functional Testing Automotive

Automotive electronics have traditionally consisted of typical I/O like digital PWM signals, analog thermocouple measurements, and vehicle network communication buses like CAN and LIN. The consumer electronics use of different technologies like audio and video I/O, high-resolution displays, and RF signals creates a situation where traditional testing tools are no longer equipped to handle these new requirements. In addition, the technologies for consumer electronics are required to evolve much more quickly than they have historically for cars, which means the development and test times have to be minimal in order to meet time-to-market pressures. This is evidenced by the fact that the typical timeframe for upgrading our cell phones is around 12-18 months, whereas we usually wait much longer to upgrade our personal vehicles. Although new cars are introduced each year, new models certainly do not undergo major updates or revamps that frequently. Therefore, the rapid expansion of I/O types and quick turnaround times have forced many companies to adjust their testing methodologies.

Today’s automotive industry needs a more complete testing platform, including tightly integrated hardware and software, that can address the growing complexities of new use-cases, the rapid evolution of technology, and new development approaches. At NI, we have designed our PXI-based testing solution to be a modular, powerful and flexible platform that can interface with a robust variety of I/O requirements ranging from analog and digital signals to vehicle communications to display quality measurements and RF generation and analysis. Integration with eggPlant Functional provides a powerful extension to the PXI platform that equips engineers with the capabilities they need to perform end-to-end in-vehicle infotainment testing, including display inspection and quality test. NI’s broad experience across many industries, including telecommunications and consumer electronics, has enabled us to develop the products needed by those customers, which now provide significant value to more automotive companies. 


This guest post was contributed by Noah Reding, Principal Product Manager of Solutions and Applications at National Instruments.

Join TestPlant CTO, Antony Edwards, and Principal Product Manager of Solutions and Applications at National Instruments Noah Reding for a webinar – where they will discuss end-to-end testing with LabVIEW and eggPlant Functional. Register now

eggPlant Functional v16 – key new features

eggPlant Functional v16 is released and available NOW! Over the next few weeks we will be hosting several webinars to show the new features in action so please register now!

A few weeks ago I presented a webinar along with Paul Gerrard about “digital testing” which was based on some research by the analyst firm PAC consulting. It’s a very interesting piece of research and if you haven’t seen it you can download it from our website. One of the key highlights of this research for me was the graph below which clearly shows that the levels of test automation are still worryingly low; only 8% of companies have test automation for more than 50% of their digital processes; and 67% have less than 30%. After all these years that’s not good. Read more

2016 is about customer success

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016!

I’m a bit of an organizing junky and am always quick to clean up the ribbons, wipe up the cookie crumbs, and put away the holiday decorations to clear the space so I can sit back and reflect a bit on the past year while looking forward to the new one.

So let’s look back on our successes here at TestPlant…

…on second thought, let’s not. Read more

What IS eggPlant Functional, and how does image-based testing work?

If you came to our site today looking to find out what image-based testing is, or just exactly how eggPlant Functional works, you have come to the right page! When we created our eggPlant Functional training video series this fall, the initiative was to create a series of videos explaining how to use eggPlant Functional, directed at folks already using the tool. We created it with the idea that we would be adding a video to it here and there. Today, you get to see the first addition!

This video is really a prequel; it explains in clear and simple terms what eggPlant Functional is, how it works, and how it uses image-based test automation to test the UI of your application and make your life easier. Read more

Top 10 blog posts of 2015

December is often a time of reflection as the year comes to a close, and we get ready to welcome the new year. This past year we’ve discussed all kinds of different test automation related topics, ranging from testing the IoT and ATMs, performance testing in retail, load testing at the application level, and doing system monitoring, to a variety of software testing events and the eggPlant video training series we released this fall. It’s been a busy year!

Looking back at what we’ve done, we decided to find out what the top 10 most popular blog posts were this year and share them with you. Read more