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Grand Opening of the TestPlant Americas Headquarters

Thank you for joining us on Wednesday 12 August for the Grand Opening of the TestPlant Americas Headquarters! What a lovely evening, with some great food and local beer and cider – we really enjoyed the Sweet Cow ice-cream truck!

Our CEO spoke at the Grand Opening and welcomed the large gathering of city officials, partners, customers, families, advisers, the landlord and contractors, the first group of “eggPlant experts” and not least… all the staff of TestPlant in the US. From a team in Boulder comprising Jonathan, Doug, Matt and Pamela in 2008 the operation has grown enormously and from a “dev center” to a HQ. George thanked everyone and looked forward to a very bright future. Read more

No excuses left. Start writing tests at the beginning of a project.

At the beginning of October, TestPlant graciously sent me to the STARWEST software testing conference in Anaheim, California. It was so nice to take some time away from testing, step back, and really focus on the trends, processes, and art of testing.
It was such an exciting time to be there! So much is going on and changing in the world of software test. That said, I definitely heard a few recurring themes, and a couple of those themes are “How do we optimize automation?” and “How do we implement behavior-driven development (BDD)?”

Read more

IOE Queen’s Award Gala Dinner 2016

Thank you to all our guests for joining TestPlant at the annual Institute of Export (IOE) Queen’s Award Gala Dinner 2016. TestPlant celebrated a third Queen’s Award, this year in the much sought after Innovation category. Read more

Join us for a webinar: Responsive website testing with eggPlant

How do you effectively test responsive websites?

Responsive web design (RWD) delivers strong web content across a mix of desktop and mobile devices and platforms. Sites today are richer and more complex, with videos, dynamic content, images, interactive features, and custom fonts, making it harder to test. Read more

Guest blog: Test automation is the future. Do you want to be part of it?

Today we are excited to bring you a guest blog post from Dr Greg Law, at UndoTestPlant announced a technology partnership with Undo on August 17, 2016. To read more about the partnership, click here.

The rise of test-driven development, agile methodologies, continuous integration and continuous deployment are transforming how software is created and provided to customers.  Simultaneously, the spread of software into more and more of the devices around us and the interconnectivity of those devices means that the sector is growing in scale, complexity and importance. These factors are having an enormous impact on testing and QA departments. If more software is being produced and needs to be deployed in shorter and shorter timeframes, traditional testing methodologies have to change, hence the rise of automation in the testing process. Read more

NEW WHITEPAPER: Setting up a successful test automation project

We have just released a new whitepaper about how to set up a successful test automation project based on our experience of working with hundreds of companies to successfully deploy test automation

Test automation can deliver huge benefits in terms of time-to-market, quality, productivity, and auditability to almost any team creating or deploying software. For example, TestPlant has worked with a leading global news publisher to reduce their app update cycle from three weeks to two days, a major UK bank to reduce post-release defects by 65%, and one of the world’s top five retailers to double the number of apps they are delivering without increasing the size of their test team. These stories are not uncommon – test automation really has delivered amazing benefits to lots of companies. Read more