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eggPlant Functional training series – cross-browser testing and results reporting!

We’ve been looking at how to get started with functional testing using eggPlant Functional. The training video series has taken us through a number of key topics, from the basics of how to script, to understanding OCR, modularization and debugging. Finishing the series, we have three last videos which explore scripting across different platforms, and then looking at results reporting.

The first video teaches us all about cross-browser testing, a very important and real challenge in today’s complex technology landscape, with the many differing devices and interfaces available. Secondly, we will delve deeper into running scripts, discussing all the different methods of test execution with the respective advantages and purposes for each. Lastly, we look at results reporting, the most important part of testing – where you review the end result.

You can watch these three training videos below: Read more

eggPlant Functional training series – get organized with modularization, using OCR and debugging!

Last week we covered the first three videos in the series, taking you through an introduction to eggPlant Functional, setting up your test environment, and how to script. This week we will look at the next three videos in the series, which will help you get organised with your testing.

Firstly, we look at modularization and parameterization, which is very important when considering the scalability of your test suite. After writing your test, you’ll want to re-use and scale it up, so it can be used in hundreds of different test runs.

Secondly, we discuss how to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR); built in, it allows eggPlant Functional to read text off the screen of your system-under-test by deciphering the pixels. OCR is incredibly powerful, allowing you to create robust scripts, that will run across multiple platforms, and continue to work if you change the font in your application.

Lastly, we look at debugging, a critical part of automated test creation. Properly debugging tests ensures stability and reliability of tests, yielding accurate results. 

You can watch these three training videos below: Read more

eggPlant Functional training series – get going, start scripting!

Last year we launched a series of eggPlant Functional training videos, which were a huge success. So, while you might be slowing down over the festive season, why not spend some time learning how to use eggPlant Functional?

The training series covers all aspects of test automation from script creation to debugging, best practises, reporting results, and even tips and tricks from the team at TestPlant.

This blog re-introduces the first three videos! The full training video series can be found on our website here. Read more

The pervasiveness of technology in healthcare

As we round the last corner of 2016, end-of-the-year holidays upon us, we are reminded of the pervasiveness of technology in our lives. Quick personal reflection will surely confirm that your holiday shopping, travel, and entertainment are all thoroughly driven and sculpted by tech. Yes, there’s an app for (all!) that. Read more

Join us for a webinar: Testing healthcare systems with the eggPlant range

Software quality and testing is mission critical in healthcare, literally people’s lives are at stake.

In the recent World Quality Report from CapGemini, executives from healthcare companies rated quality as 30% more important to their business than finance, so healthcare really does take quality very seriously.
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Black Friday – can your website handle it?

It’s that time of year again! Despite its questionable origins, Black Friday and the rush to find fantastic deals online doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all… but can the same be said about your eCommerce website?

Black Friday, and, lest we forget the potentially more relevant Cyber Monday, are two very important dates for online retailers seeking to maximize profits. Site downtime has the potential to wipe millions of dollars off profits, especially if that downtime lands during the peak of the rush. However, outright downtime is not the only thing retailers should worry about. Read more