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The pervasiveness of technology in healthcare

As we round the last corner of 2016, end-of-the-year holidays upon us, we are reminded of the pervasiveness of technology in our lives. Quick personal reflection will surely confirm that your holiday shopping, travel, and entertainment are all thoroughly driven and sculpted by tech. Yes, there’s an app for (all!) that. Read more

Join us for a webinar: Testing healthcare systems with the eggPlant range

Software quality and testing is mission critical in healthcare, literally people’s lives are at stake.

In the recent World Quality Report from CapGemini, executives from healthcare companies rated quality as 30% more important to their business than finance, so healthcare really does take quality very seriously.
Read more

Black Friday – can your website handle it?

It’s that time of year again! Despite its questionable origins, Black Friday and the rush to find fantastic deals online doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all… but can the same be said about your eCommerce website?

Black Friday, and, lest we forget the potentially more relevant Cyber Monday, are two very important dates for online retailers seeking to maximize profits. Site downtime has the potential to wipe millions of dollars off profits, especially if that downtime lands during the peak of the rush. However, outright downtime is not the only thing retailers should worry about. Read more

Testing when there are no users

Gartner Symposium. I always enjoy it. Of course it’s a deluge of buzzwords and bombast, but there is substance beneath, and I enjoy thinking about the implications for teams creating software in the future.

This morning I was listening to a talk from someone in the Oil and Gas industry who has actually deployed machine-to-machine, i.e. what everyone talks about as the future of Internet-of-Things but very few have any practical experience of. It was an interesting talk. Read more

Yes, eggPlant Functional Supports AngularJS 

For a lot of testing tools, the question of AngularJS support is complicated. Depending on your source, you’ll get something between a no and a sort of; which is why I’m happy to give eggPlant Functional an unequivocal yes.

 eggPlant Functional doesn’t need an AngularJS extension. For code-level tools, a new development framework requires a new test framework. However, because eggPlant Functional works by finding elements on the screen instead of in your code, there is absolutely no difference between testing AngularJS and any other web technology. Read more

Grand Opening of the TestPlant Americas Headquarters

Thank you for joining us on Wednesday 12 August for the Grand Opening of the TestPlant Americas Headquarters! What a lovely evening, with some great food and local beer and cider – we really enjoyed the Sweet Cow ice-cream truck!

Our CEO spoke at the Grand Opening and welcomed the large gathering of city officials, partners, customers, families, advisers, the landlord and contractors, the first group of “eggPlant experts” and not least… all the staff of TestPlant in the US. From a team in Boulder comprising Jonathan, Doug, Matt and Pamela in 2008 the operation has grown enormously and from a “dev center” to a HQ. George thanked everyone and looked forward to a very bright future. Read more