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Everyone wants to make their app available to the maximum number of people. This means supporting multiple mobile OS platforms, but this can easily make testing time-consuming and expensive. Cross platform mobile testing is about being able to test an app across multiple mobile OS platforms (e.g. iOS and Android) with almost the same effort as mobile test automation for only one platform. 

Cross platform mobile testing massively reduces the time you need to create and maintain test automation scripts for your mobile app; both native app testing and mobile browser testing.


How does eggPlant help?

eggPlant Functional allows you to create a single test automation script for testing mobile applications across all mobile platforms. eggPlant Functional is an image-based tool which means that it drives and validates the app directly via the user-interface, not at the code-level, so it is completely independent of the underlying technology (e.g. iOS or Android). Of course, there may be user-interface differences between platforms and so eggPlant Functional provides “image collections” to allow the tester to manage these differences. Image collections provide a simple and quick mechanism to manage differences without adding complexity and time to your scripts.