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eggPlant Manager helps you to manage your test execution and test environment. eggPlant Manager is a web-based test management tool that allows you to define test runs, schedule test executions, easily manage your systems and devices-under-test, manage and co-ordinate multiple instances of eggPlant Functional, and analyze aggregated results. eggPlant Manager helps you set up a continuous integration and test quickly and reliably.

eggPlant Manager is available as a downloadable software package or as part of an eggBox appliance. eggBox is your pre-integrated test lab in a box and means you can be using eggPlant Manager in literally minutes.


Quick Introduction


Key Features

  • Set up and configure your systems and devices-under-test (SUTs) quickly and reliably; manage and co-ordinate multiple eggPlant controllers for optimal parallel test execution.
  • Quickly define test runs across multiple suites, platforms, and devices.
  • Schedule tests for continuous integration, nightly builds, and to make best use of your environment.
  • Automatically reserve SUTs via eggCloud when test runs are scheduled.
  • Collect and analyze test results at a summary level or drill-down to the necessary detail.
  • Understand your test status quickly with a configurable dashboard and test reporting.
  • Execute arbitrary CLI commands from eggPlant Manager. This makes it easy to control your full test execution environment from one place.



  • Reduce effort by easily managing your test environment and test execution.
  • Reduce errors by having a centralized management tool to control your environment and configuration, allowing you to get the most out of your automated test scripts.
  • Reduce execution time by automatically executing tests in parallel.
  • Improve quality by always understanding your overall quality status and being able to quickly identify the areas that need focus, and by setting up a continuous integration environment.
  • Set up in minutes with eggPlant Manager as part of eggBox.