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eggPlant Mobile is the combination of eggPlant Functional and TestPlant’s mobile VNC servers. This allows for full direct and automated control of iOS, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry, and other mobile devices, no jail-breaking required. For more information on eggPlant Mobile, click here.

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iOS Gateway v3.0 iOS 7/8/9 Mac OSX 10.9+ link
Setup Instructions       link
eggOn v1.05 iOS 5 – 6   link
Installation Instructions       link



Android Gateway

The Android Gateway allows access to Android devices connected to another PC/Mac on the network.

Windows XP/7/8 v2.7 link
MacOSX 10.7+ v2.7 link
Setup Instructions     link


eggOn for Android

eggOn for Android is only required for use with releases of eggPlant Functional prior to v15.11 when Android support was built in.

The older eggOn server has now been deprecated and users should migrate to the automatically installed Android server that is included in the current version of eggPlant Functional. If you need to use eggOn for legacy reasons, a valid license key is required. If you are already a customer you can access your keys here. If you are not already a customer you can get a free evaluation license here.

NOTE: eggOn keys are validated against a TestPlant server on installation (not per-run). This means that the device must have an Internet connection when you enter the license key or the license will not be accepted.

eggOn for Android v2.1.0 Android 2.3 – 5.0 link
Installation Instructions     link


Helper Suites

Windows Phone 8.1/10 helper suite     link


Other Platforms (Windows Phone and Blackberry)

Please contact us regarding connections to other platforms.

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