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You must have a valid license key to use any eggPlant tool (the Jenkins plug-in is an exception as it is open-source). If you are already a customer you can access your keys here. If you are not already a customer you can get a free evaluation license here.



Our Jenkins plug-in is open-source and available here.


IBM UrbanCode Deploy

v1.1 Any platform supported by UrbanCode Deploy link
Documentation Included in download package.


Our IBM UrbanCode Deploy plug-in will soon be available from the official UrbanCode plug-in repository ( In the meantime please contact us for a free trial.


IBM Rational Quality Manager Integration for eggPlant

v3.06 Windows XP/7/8, Server 2008/2012 link
Documentation link


HP Quality Centre Integration for eggPlant

v1.0 Windows Server 2008 link
Example suite (required) link
Documentation link