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The healthcare and life sciences industry is increasingly looking to technology to increase capability and reduce costs. This includes clinical support systems, digital imaging (PACS), electronic health record and electronic medical record (EHR/EMR) management, and hospital and practice administration.

High degrees of regulation and the intrinsic importance of the systems mean that both reliability and auditability are fundamental requirements. Effective testing with productive test automation tools is therefore essential for healthcare software testing.


What are the key testing challenges?

  • Test results must be recorded and tests must be repeatable for compliance and audit purposes.
  • Secure and constrained environments in which testing must be performed; e.g. testing with strict firewalls or even disconnected networks is standard even for performance and load testing.
  • Bespoke devices, software controls, and applications frameworks combined with mainstream software.
  • No modification of the system-under-test is allowed; i.e. the testing must be 100% non-invasive.
  • Increasing innovative use of mobile devices.
  • Ensuring interoperability of electronic health records (EHRs/EMRs).
  • A large proportion of non-developer testers.


How can eggPlant testing tools help?

  • eggPlant tools provide comprehensive reports including full environment information for audit and repeatability.
  • eggPlant tools have few dependencies and can be deployed inside and outside the firewall; so they can be deployed into almost any environment without modification.
  • eggPlant tools can work with any technology. eggPlant Functional provides technology agnostic GUI test automation through its patented image-based approach for testing any device or technology. eggPlant Performance supports network technologies from protocol to GUI; HTTP, .NET APIs, Java APIs, TCP/UDP socket-level, Selenium, and Citrix.
  • eggPlant tools are non-intrusive and don’t modify the application-under-test in any way; so you are really testing the system that will be deployed. eggPlant tools are also designed to work in a variety of constrained network environments.
  • eggPlant Performance is highly scalable and can generate the transaction volumes you need at the speed you need them.
  • eggPlant Functional is an image-based testing tool. This natural approach means that existing manual testing teams can easily use eggPlant for healthcare testing.