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Breaking software with “super-sad path” testing

Pamela Gillaspie, Managing Test Engineer at TestPlant, is getting ready to speak at STARWEST. As she prepares for her STARWEST talk –  titled “Improve Testing with a Zone Defense” – she is also thinking and writing about her testing methods.

Today, Gillaspie’s article “When I Really Do Break Software” was featured on the TechWell blog. She writes, “I have been exploring the concept of actually breaking software: installing or operating respectable software in a way that renders it unusable.” Read more

Responsive web design: A viable solution to fragmentation

Just this month, the self-proclaimed ‘leading Android app-library’ AppBrain published statistics on the top Android phones, manufacturers, and SDK versions currently used by AppBrain users. We’ve talked about device and OS fragmentation before, but you’re going to hear me talk about it again. As it turns out, AppBrain’s report shows that the top 20 mobile phones comprise less than 35% of the overall market. That’s not very much! Read more

Reflecting on CAST: Putting the ‘confer’ back in ‘conference’

A week after the Conference of the Association for Software Testing (CAST), I’m still reflecting on this unique experience. There were no vendors, no tools, no promotional t-shirts, and no “50 Ways to Automate X,Y, and Z”. Instead, there was dialog; it felt more like a testing retreat than what I’ve come to know as a conference. Read more

Analyze it: How the new eggPlant Performance Analyzer can help you

With the release of eggPlant Performance v6.1 last week, our users were treated to a completely re-written Analyzer, which, beyond giving prettier charts to look at, also boasts several other features which we’re sure will come in handy when interpreting performance test results. Today I’ll highlight a few of these key new features. Read more

TestPlant presenting at CAST: The maintenance-free solution

I’ve just arrived at the Conference of the Association for Software Testing (CAST) in Grand Rapids, Michigan today, where I’m giving a presentation on using customer-reported defects to find ways to improve your testing. In the presentation, I talk about some of the problems we’ve identified on my team, and what we’ve done to address them. Here I’d like to talk about the problem of scale, because it’s often overlooked, and it can be easy to solve with test automation.

So, here’s the situation… Read more

Cognizant provides full end-to-end testing solution for Retail with eggPlant tools

Omni-channel (or multi-channel) and mobile are the two key IT challenges facing digital retailers today; and all retailers are now digital retailers. We’ve been working closely with several major US and UK retailers over the past year on the testing of their omni-channel and mobile initiatives, and we will be hosting several webinars to show how the eggPlant range helped them deliver successfully. Please register now!

TestPlant CTO Antony Edwards recently wrote about running automated tests against omni-channel retail applications, including cross-browser and mobile testing. In that article, Edwards talked about the top ten testing challenges our retail customers have been encountering over the past year.

Last week we jointly hosted a webinar with our service partner Cognizant, discussing not only how eggPlant testing tools can address test automation challenges specific to retail, but also how Cognizant’s full service solution for retail using eggPlant tools is advantageous. In some instances, Cognizant’s implementation of eggPlant test automation tools has provided a 50% reduction in manual regression testing for specific customers, because of the complete test coverage that consistently run eggPlant test automation scripts provides. Read more