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Cognizant provides full end-to-end testing solution for Retail with eggPlant tools

Omni-channel (or multi-channel) and mobile are the two key IT challenges facing digital retailers today; and all retailers are now digital retailers. We’ve been working closely with several major US and UK retailers over the past year on the testing of their omni-channel and mobile initiatives, and we will be hosting several webinars to show how the eggPlant range helped them deliver successfully. Please register now!

TestPlant CTO Antony Edwards recently wrote about running automated tests against omni-channel retail applications, including cross-browser and mobile testing. In that article, Edwards talked about the top ten testing challenges our retail customers have been encountering over the past year.

Last week we jointly hosted a webinar with our service partner Cognizant, discussing not only how eggPlant testing tools can address test automation challenges specific to retail, but also how Cognizant’s full service solution for retail using eggPlant tools is advantageous. In some instances, Cognizant’s implementation of eggPlant test automation tools has provided a 50% reduction in manual regression testing for specific customers, because of the complete test coverage that consistently run eggPlant test automation scripts provides. Read more

TestPlant: Customer Appreciation Day, Boulder CO

Thank you to everyone who attended our customer appreciation day and summer party! Tuesday turned out to be a beautiful sunny day in Boulder, Colorado. We offered a full day of training to current customers of eggPlant test automation tools, followed by a wonderful dinner reception.


TestPlant summer party 2015 panorama


Our first official customer appreciation day was full of fun celebration, collaboration, and interesting conversations! It was a fantastic success. We had a full schedule with discussions and hands-on learning of our functional testing tool eggPlant Functional, SenseTalk scripting, test architecture and other advanced testing topics.

I personally stepped in on a number of the discussions and trainings, including the more advanced topic sessions. Not only were the presentations by our technical staff of note, but a variety of eggPlant users took advantage of the time together by swapping notes and discussing approaches to various testing scenarios.

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