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Let eggPlant Performance 5.4 handle all your load and stress

Houston, Tranquility base here. The Eagle has landed. No, TestPlant may not have put man on the moon, but they have done the next best thing and released eggPlant Performance 5.4, which builds on all of the powerful features of 5.3 and makes things much easier to use. This means that people are less dependent on specialist performance testers and can use the testing team they already have to carry out the test script development. Read more…

TestPlant celebrates export achievements at the Institute of Export

A group of TestPlant staff with our customer and partner guests attended the annual Institute of Export (IOE) Gala Dinner in recognition of the 2014 Queen’s Award for Enterprise winners. As a holder of a previous Queen’s Award, this very grand bash was a perfect time to thank all our partners and customers for supporting our achievements in export sales.

This year, we enjoyed the grandeur of The Clothworker’s Hall in the City of London. The Clothworkers livery company has a history covering nearly 500 years – rather longer that TestPlant’s!

We’d like to thank everyone at the IOE for their support in our continuing efforts to export eggPlant around the world!

And enjoy the photos!

Read more…

Apple announce iOS 8 release on September 17th

Apple have announced that the first full release of iOS 8 will be available next Wednesday on September 17th.

iOS 8 will deliver some great new functionality for mobile apps such as photo sharing, a faster keyboard, family sharing, health data, and improved Spotlight. Rest assured that all these features will be easily and fully testable using iOS Gateway.

Plus eggPlant Functional remains the only test automation tool that allows a single test to drive actions simultaneously across multiple iPhones, a desktop browser, and a backend server, so that you can execute real end-to-end test cases.

iOS Gateway for iOS 8 is available for download from the TestPlant website (

UK National ‘Cycle to Work Day’

‘Cycle to Work’ day, championed by multi gold winning Paralympic cyclist, Dame Sarah Storey, aims to encourage everyone to take to two wheels and to cycle to work for one day, today!

According to census data, 760,000 people in the UK cycle to work regularly [1] – this number keeps growing steadily but with the ‘Cycle to Work Day’ initiative, this number should skyrocket in years to come. By 2021, the hope is to see 1 million people regularly commuting to work by bike.

TestPlant encouraged its staff to take to the wheels and cycle to work, offering a free lunch to anyone who did (and to prove this with a selfie of them and the bike). And we’ve had quite a turn-out for the first year we have supported with 39% of UK employees having cycled to work. 

Cycle to Work

We further support our staff with the UK Cycle Scheme, helping staff to purchase their first bike tax-free to use for travelling to work. A fantastic initiative by the UK Government!

Our aim is to increase the number of our staff cycling to work next year! I took a selfie with a Boris bike – which did not quite make the cut for a free lunch, but I’ll definitely try cycling into work next year!

Safe cycling!




Manually Directing the Execution of your Test with Ask and Answer

Testing is not always an entirely automated or entirely manual task. Under many conditions, combining the two approaches might be the most efficient or reasonable way to properly test an application. eggPlant Functional includes several useful commands that allow a tester to manually direct the specifics of an automated test during test execution.

The Ask and Answer family of commands allow the tester to make decisions about test inputs and branching behavior on demand, when the requirements of the application or test are too complex to be reasonably automated. The commands generate dialog boxes in eggPlant Functional or in the operating system to prompt the tester to make the decisions at the appropriate times.

These commands leverage the it variable in order to feed the tester’s decision back into the test.


The Answer command generates a prompt that allows the tester to choose from a set of pre-defined options. Answer is useful when the tester must make a careful decision about whether a complex interface in the application under test is rendering or behaving properly, or when the tester wants dynamic control over which direction the test follows in a branching scenario.


Answer example


The Ask command prompts the tester with a field in which she can provide the string of her choice. This command can be helpful for inputting custom log messages or passwords into a test.


Ask example

Ask file/folder and Answer file/folder

Ask file/folder and Answer file/folder use the operating system’s local file explorer to aid in selecting files for input, or locations to save output.

Ask File

Ask file/folder and Answer file/folder

Additional Information

Read more about it
Ask and Answer
Ask file/folder and Answer file/folder 


Connected Cars 2014 provides food for thought

Soon I will be driven to work catching up on emails and listening to my favourite music, traffic flowing freely as I relax with the horrors of commuting a distant memory. No, I have not been nominated as the UK’s next European Commissioner! This is the vision of the near future from the recent Connected Cars 2104 conference in Amsterdam that I attended with Tim Haythorne. Tim handles a number of our key European accounts in the Automotive, Defence and Engineering sectors. Read more…

Automation with eggPlant Functional – a user’s view

It is always exciting to receive positive feedback on any one of our products in the eggPlant range of software quality tools. And this is what we came across on the Portland Webworks blog.

Titled ‘Automation with eggPlant Functional‘,  Brett Amundsen, QA Engineer at Portland Webworks discusses the core features and benefits of eggPlant Functional. From the patented intelligent image-recognition technology to simple scripting language and ease-of-use, Brett provides simple examples of an eggPlant Functional script. 

Thanks Brett for the mention – we look forward to seeing more advanced scripts as promised in your next post!

Have a read here:


Summer Reception 2014, London

The TestPlant Summer Reception in London, on Wednesday 25 June, was a roaring success. 

Good weather, delicious food, some excellent British sparkling wine and ‘Fake Lager’ beer made for a lovely celebration in recognition of our new offices in San Francisco and Shanghai. 

As George Mackintosh, TestPlant CEO, said in his speech, ‘what a mix of interesting people and what a way to celebrate the growth and expansion of TestPlant, we thank you for being part of our successful journey so far and look forward to some exciting years ahead’.

Thank you to everyone who came! Read more…

Test automation challenges for regulated industries

eggPlant tools are increasingly popular in highly regulated industry sectors with stringent quality requirements. I believe that is not a coincidence so I thought it would be interesting to pick apart the reasons why the eggPlant range is so effective for organisations that need to demonstrate standards compliance and to deliver systems of the highest quality and reliability; hopefully the two aims are in harmony! Read more…

TestPlant is exhibiting at The Public Sector Show 2014

Are you interested in exploring technology innovation for the public sector and best practice initiatives? Then the Public Sector Show is a must visit event, taking place on Tuesday 13 May 2014 at ExCeL London.

Are you looking for an alternative to complex-to-use testing tools? Then visit us at stand 292 and take a look at the eggPlant range of software quality tools. Read more…