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Better banking needs better testing!

A banking application is one of the more complex software applications used today in terms of both development and testing. Besides being complex to manage they may also be required to handle several functions at the same time, such as secured and real time transactions, integration with different facilities like mobile banking, bill payment services, trading accounts and other services. Added to these, functions like disaster management, supporting thousands of simultaneous user sessions and auditing are always going on in the background. Then take into consideration regulatory compliance and testing legacy systems as further challenges in testing banking applications. Mobile payment solutions is a new area on the horizon and it will require extensive testing focus.

The banking sector is a part of the service industry, so at the end of the day everything boils down to whether the end user is satisfied or not. To deliver world class customer service effective and efficient IT solutions are a key back end differentiator. But just developing applications won’t do and rigorous application testing is in itself a challenge. This is where TestPlant’s automated testing tool eggPlant is helping the banking sector to expedite test cycles by providing non-invasive testing, improved regulatory compliance, real-time test data and migration testing from legacy systems.

eggPlant is an intelligent GUI based automated testing tool capable of running in dynamic environments using Silverlight, Flex and Flash and can operate within the company’s firewall to ensure data security and helping to comply to regulatory compliance. eggPlant’s image recognition algorithm detects not just colours, icons or text, but even the tones of colour. It can also be trained to test user acceptance levels. This aspect of eggPlant is a great help in testing banking applications designed for the convenience of it’s customers, for example online banking and mobile banking portals. When testing banking applications that involves data driven testing, eggPlant’s OCR functionality enables test engineers to test and validate dynamic data driven testing.

As a black-box driven test tool, eggPlant’s non-invasive, technology agnostic approach for testing legacy applications is ideal. Banking applications quite often work on multiple tiers such as a web server to connect with end users, a database to store transaction information and customer details, and a mainframe to carry out millions of transactions. When it comes to testing banking applications your test tool should be able to provide an end to end system testing that covers each and every tier, as well as monitor user experience. eggPlant’s unique scripting language ‘SenseTalk” and its capability to connect with multiple systems through virtual networking communication (VNC) enables it to run tests on multiple systems and validate the efficacy of an application along with user acceptance levels.

Within the banking industry a small mistake can quickly turn into a catastrophe, so when it comes to testing banking applications, both functional and user acceptance testing should be carried out to ensure that end users are satisfied. eggPlant’s strong cross-platform testing abilities make it simple to test online banking applications across multiple browsers and OS.

Considering the banking industry a small mistake can quickly turn into a catastrophe so when it comes to testing banking applications both functional and user acceptance testing should be carried out to ensure that end users are satisfied.eggPlant strong cross-platform testing skills is quite hand to test online banking applications across browsers and OS.

We are at inflexion in mobile computing with the advent mobile payment solutions. eggPlant is ready to address mobile payment testing – since you will just need a VNC in the mobile device and you can test multiple mobile devices using a single eggPlant controller.



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